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Colored ceramic balloons

These delicious ceramic balloons look real to hang on the wall or to give to whoever you want. Modeled and glazed entirely by hand, they are available in different colors and sizes. Also perfect as a wedding favor.

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Handmade Classic Taralli

These taralli are one of the symbols of the bakery art of south Italy and Apulia in particular. Absolutely perfect!

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Sweet tomato puree Fiaschetto

A delicious Fiaschetto tomato puree, with an intense red color, pleasantly sweet flavor and medium consistency. Perfect for giving life to stewed dishes and first courses with a typical Mediterranean flair, it will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Processed close to the tomato harvest, this puree is bottled without adding any preservatives.

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YELLOW tomato sauce 420gr

A delicious and very delicate wholly organic yellow datterino tomato sauce. Perfect for your gourmet dishes or for your pairings with fish.

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Home made tomato sauce Datterino

The datterino sweet passata is a rustic and dense artisan pass,. It is very pulpy and goes well with regional dishes. Excellent with homemade pasta. Bottle format 250gr.

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Datterino tomato sauce

Intense red, inviting, beautiful to look at and excellent to taste with imagination, the red tomato sauce is the right mix between Apulian tomato sauce and peeled sauced tomatoes. An irresistible texture!

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The right balance between sweet and savory designed to give the right emphasis to flavors of the past, which are back as protagonists at any time of the year.

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Glazed Ceramic PUMO

The famous glazed ceramic Pumo from Grottaglie, a pretty apulian town. An elegant gift idea symbolizing fertility and good health, perfect as a party favour for your wedding or ceremony.

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Small onion taralli

The onion tarallini are special because they pamper and stimulate the palate with a pleasant and aromatic Apulian onion flavor. How tasty!

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Semolina orecchiette

Orecchiette are one of the most representative dishes of the Apulian cuisine, these in particular simply of semolina.

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Sundried Tomatoes

These San Marzano plum tomatoes are grown in spring and harvested in summer within all the area of our farm. They are rinsed, selected, cut and arranged on special drying frames, then salted up and left under the sun rays until dry. 

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Puccia Salentina Puccia Salentina
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Bread "Puccia Salentina"

What is puccia? It is a delicious sandwich made of the same dough as the pizza. The leavening is natural and the cooking takes place in stone. All you have to do is make it revive and inflate in the oven and then stuff it according to your taste and your imagination!

The package keeps the puccia up to 30/45 days, each package contains 2.

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Handmade Fennel Taralli

These fennel taralli are one of the symbols of the bakery art of south Italy and Apulia in particular. Absolutely perfect!

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Many Apulian classics, with a touch of character and a moment of sweetness. That's why jam and almond dried figs could not be missing. Only for demanding palates.

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Olives Bella from Cerignola

It is oval, quite large, of a beautiful intense and shiny green. On the palate it is savory, fleshy and juicy. La Bella di Cerignola is a typical cultivar of the homonymous area; olives are not used for oil, but are table olives. Natural fermentation for six months with salt. PRODUCT WITHOUT VINEGAR

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Taralli with Primitivo wine

A product that expresses itself in all its salentinity: they are tarallini with primitive wine, sweet and fragrant, good in the morning but also in the evening. A versatile product perfect for every situation, different from the usual and able to surprise the palate taste after taste.

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Natural chicory chicory Natural chicory chicory
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Natural chicory chicory

The "Puntarelle" are the heart of the CATALONIAN CHICORY, a typical salad of our territory. We sow in October and harvest the vegetable between January and February. Our women defoliate the plant and manually cut the "scatuni", ie the shoots.

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Box for Pumi and lucky charm

Cardboard box for the packaging of the Pumo purchased on our site.

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Tarallini with burnt wheat

Taralli are the symbol of the Apulian bakery art par excellence, these burnt wheat are a characteristic Apulian flour, excellent to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

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Frisella pugliese di Grano Frisella pugliese di Grano
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1 kg Durum Wheat Apulian Frisa

The most classic of the frize, the traditional one of durum wheat, available in a 1 kg package, the size of this frize is the slightly larger one with a diameter of about 8/10 cm. For the quantities available, see the bottom, it is possible to place orders greater than the quantities available.

€6.35 Price

Tarallini turnip tops

These turnip tops taralli are one of the symbols of the bakery art of south Italy and Apulia in particular. Absolutely perfect!

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Handmade Hot Pepper Taralli

Hot pepper is the main ingredient of these spicy taralli! Flavour and personality in one snack!

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Taralli dolci mandorlati Taralli dolci mandorlati
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Taralli with dried tomatoes

What a combination! Potatoes and Rosemary are a great combination for our savory and irresistible taralli.

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Tarallini garlic, olive oil and hot pepper

These garlic, olive oli and hot pepper taralli are one of the symbols of the bakery art of south Italy and Apulia in particular. Absolutely perfect!

€2.79 Price

Yellow cherry tomato sauce

Delicious, rounded, sweet and inviting yellow cherry tomatoes dipped in their own thick and creamy sauce. A perfect product to bring the sun of Puglia to the table!

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Taralli dolci mandorlati Taralli dolci mandorlati
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Handmade Taralli Pizza Flavour

Our pizza flavour taralli are great as among their ingredients you have tomatoes, black pepper and onion.

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Taralli alle olive leccine e capperi Taralli alle olive leccine e capperi
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Taralli with leccine olives and capers

What a combination! Olive leccine and capers are a great combination for our savory and irresistible taralli.

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Orecchiette al grano arso Orecchiette al grano arso
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Burnt Wheat Orecchiette Pasta

Orecchiette are one of the most representative dishes of Apulian cuisine, these in particular with burnt wheat.

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Many Apulian classics, with a touch of character and a great desire for health. An excellent Negroamaro wine and a bottle of the best artisanal tomato sauce could not be missing.

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Capocollo from Martina Franca

The Martina Franca capocollo is one of the finest salamis in Italy, following a precise production disciplinary which includes local pork meat with the addition of salt and spices and a minimum of 120 days of seasoning. The size of the capocollo can vary from 450 to 600 grams.

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Taralli dolci mandorlati Taralli dolci mandorlati
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Handmade Taralli Mediterranean Flavour

Handmade taralli with a great Mediterranean flavour due to the presence, among the ingredients, of tomato, fennel and black olives.

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Pottery dinner plate 19 cm Brown

Flat plate in terracotta, diameter 19 cm, brown enamelled. Perfect for a traditional Salento rustic style appliance.

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Small Multigrain handmade taralli Small Multigrain handmade taralli
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Small Multigrain handmade taralli

These multigrain taralli will tickle your palate! enjoy them with a nice glass of red wine! 

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Formaggio ricotta da tavola Formaggio ricotta da tavola
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Ricotta Cheese

A classic produce of Salento, the very south of Puglia. It's a ricotta made from sheep milk, rennet and salt. Great to be grated over pasta!

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Bread of Altamura (DOP) 1kg

Altamura bread is one of the most famous DOP products of Puglia, it is prepared according to a strict disciplinary and cooked in a wood oven. [WE DO NOT SHIP ABROAD]

€5.38 Price

Apulian Focaccia

The focaccia we offer is handcrafted and baked in a wood oven in a traditional Altamura oven, which also prepares the Altamura DOP bread for us. The format of the whole focaccia wheel is 600gr. We recommend that you also buy Altamura bread, you will save on shipping costs and earn in genuine goodness! [WE DO NOT SHIP ABROAD]

€6.00 Price

Sundried figues with almonds

Here you have an amazing classic of south Italy! It's sundried figues stuffed with almonds. A specialty among the most tasty, thanks to the presence of unique spices such as cinnamon, fennel seeds and bay leaves.

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Maritati of wheat

Maritati are the perfect combination of orecchiette and macaroni, they are a typical pasta shape characteristic of Puglia.

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Handmade Wheat Flour Orecchiette Pasta 500gr

Our handmade orecchiette pasta are made from local wheat. This particular pasta shape is a classic of Puglia and it's well known all over the world. In Puglia, orecchiette are served with a turnip tops sauce, but also with meatballs, tomato sauce, bolognese sauce. 1 kgr pack.

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Favololio, extra virgin olive oil from Favolosa 500ml

From the brand new Apulian cultivar Favolosa, a fine oil that certainly will not disappoint even the most demanding palates. An oil with a round taste, with fruity and herbaceous hints and a high contribution of polyphenols.

€9.52 Price