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Rosso Primitivo Jèma

A broad Primitivo, rich in harmony and intense aromas, ranging from tobacco to myrtle, from eucalyptus to cherry, creamy and velvety mouth, smooth sip and imperishable and balsamic finish.

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Rosè Brut sparkling wine from organic grapes

Vinification: from the first natural pressing of the grapes we obtain the must called LACRIMA in Salento, this is left to ferment at a controlled temperature in steel tanks. Subsequently it is made sparkling in autoclave (Martinotti method) at a temperature of 15 ° / 16 ° C for at least 5 months.

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Rosso Primitivo Jèma 2013 Rosso Primitivo Jèma 2013
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Krita, Organic white wine from White Malvasia

Land that black hands transform the sun of the two seas into baked art. Lights and reflections of the East. Aromas and flavors screamed at an incessant rhythm like the notes of pinched singers. Krita white Malvasia igp salento.

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