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Fregi Barocchi Salento IGP Rose wine, Palama

Rosè obtained by Negroamaro grapes by the must partial contact with the peels. Lively and brilliant, it has a winy and fruity fragrance and a fresh dry taste.

€6.48 Price

Albarossa Salento IGP rose wine, Palama

Rosè obtained by the wine-making of the local Negroamaro and Black Malvasia grapes. Brilliant rosè-coloured, fresh dry-flavoured, it best suits all’italiana hors d’oeuvres, pasta dishes with tomato sauce, fried dishes and white meat.

€8.11 Price

Metiusco Rose wine, Palama

Rosè obtained by the selected grapes of the most important varieties of Negroamaro cultivated in Cutrofiano with the sapling method. Vivid rosècoloured, harmonic-tasting and richly fruity in its fragrance.

€12.21 Price

Rosè Brut sparkling wine from organic grapes

Vinification: from the first natural pressing of the grapes we obtain the must called LACRIMA in Salento, this is left to ferment at a controlled temperature in steel tanks. Subsequently it is made sparkling in autoclave (Martinotti method) at a temperature of 15 ° / 16 ° C for at least 5 months.

€13.44 Price