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Discover all the current promotions on our shop, connect to the section where you will find all the Puglian wines. The wines of Puglia are the result of a long work carried out by generations in the field of winemaking. Once, the excellent wines produced in this region were little known and used to "cut" other enological products from other Italian regions. The Puglian rosé wine, with its distinctive quality, has assumed an important role thanks to the dedication and passion of local winemakers.

The Quality of Puglian Rosé Wine

Puglia, a region characterized by both hilly and flat areas, offers the ideal climate, sun, air, and soil for the production of quality wines. In this land, the Puglian DOC rosé wine has obtained recognitions such as DOC, IGT, and DOCG. Among the most appreciated proposals, one cannot fail to mention Primitivo di Manduria and Negroamaro. Thanks to the tenacity and love for the land, the Puglian rosé wines have become synonymous with quality, accompanying Puglia in its success both nationally and internationally. The labels of Puglian rosé wines are appreciated worldwide, a testament to the commitment of Puglian companies in promoting the best wines of this land.

Puglian rosé wine

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Albarossa Salento IGP rose wine, Palama

The Albarossa Salento IGP Rosé Wine from the Palamà winery stands out for its brilliant rosé color and its fruity aroma. On the palate, it offers a fresh and dry taste, ideal for pairing with Mediterranean traditional dishes and a simple pizza. Made from pure Negroamaro grapes, a native grape of Salento, this wine falls under the Salento Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT) denomination. The care in winemaking and attention to the quality of the grapes are fundamental. Produced in Italy, it contains sulfites.

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101, Apulian rosé wine

A rosé wine that bears the IGT Puglia Rosato denomination. It is a fresh, young, fruity and aromatic wine, perfect for any occasion. It tells us a story of light-heartedness and love for the land from which it originates, Salento. To keep in the pantry for everyday life or for a dinner with friends.

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Metiusco Rose wine, Palama

Metiusco Rosato is an outstanding rosé wine made from the indigenous Negroamaro grape. Produced using the salasso technique, it is noted for its freshness and balance. Ideal with vegetable dishes, fish, and pizza. This wine has won numerous international awards, including a Gold Medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. A must-have for your collection. The prices of Metiusco Rosato are competitive.

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Rosè Brut sparkling wine from organic grapes

The Rosè Brut Sparkling Wine from organic grapes is created through precise vinification, including pressing the grapes and controlled fermentation. Masseria L'Astore Cutrofiano, a certified organic company, produces high-quality Puglian sparkling wines representative of the local terroir. Their history dates back to the 1940s, culminating in a traditional cellar that is a true "cathedral of wine", used to age wines like moscato rosé sparkling wine and rosè brut sparkling wine.

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Sixos Negroamaro Rosé IGT Salento

The Sixos Negroamaro Vino Rosato IGT Salento is a Pugliese rosé wine produced by Cantina Monsellato, located in Salento. This rosé wine is characterized by an intense and persistent flavor, with notes of cherry, raspberry, rose, and sage. Perfect with white meat, fish, and fresh cheeses, it has an alcohol content of 13% and should be served at 10°-12°. Cantina Monsellato represents the excellence of Pugliese wine, combining tradition and innovation to create authentic masterpieces of taste.

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Fregi Barocchi Salento IGP Rose wine, Palama

Rosè obtained by Negroamaro grapes by the must partial contact with the peels. Lively and brilliant, it has a winy and fruity fragrance and a fresh dry taste.

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