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101, Apulian rosé wine

A rosé wine that bears the IGT Puglia Rosato denomination. It is a fresh, young, fruity and aromatic wine, perfect for any occasion. It tells us a story of light-heartedness and love for the land from which it originates, Salento. To keep in the pantry for everyday life or for a dinner with friends.

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Metiusco Rose wine, Palama

Rosè obtained by the selected grapes of the most important varieties of Negroamaro cultivated in Cutrofiano with the sapling method. Vivid rosècoloured, harmonic-tasting and richly fruity in its fragrance.

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Rosè Brut sparkling wine from organic grapes

Vinification: from the first natural pressing of the grapes we obtain the must called LACRIMA in Salento, this is left to ferment at a controlled temperature in steel tanks. Subsequently it is made sparkling in autoclave (Martinotti method) at a temperature of 15 ° / 16 ° C for at least 5 months.

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Sixos Negroamaro Rosé IGT Salento

A particularly aromatic and full-bodied rosé wine, produced from pure Negroamaro grapes, excellent with white meats, vegetables, fresh dairy products and fish and shellfish dishes. Very pleasing to the palate, it undoubtedly meets the tastes of even the most demanding diners.

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Fregi Barocchi Salento IGP Rose wine, Palama

Rosè obtained by Negroamaro grapes by the must partial contact with the peels. Lively and brilliant, it has a winy and fruity fragrance and a fresh dry taste.

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Albarossa Salento IGP rose wine, Palama

Rosè obtained by the wine-making of the local Negroamaro and Black Malvasia grapes. Brilliant rosè-coloured, fresh dry-flavoured, it best suits all’italiana hors d’oeuvres, pasta dishes with tomato sauce, fried dishes and white meat.

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