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Figs sauce (Vincotto)

The fig vincotto is one of the oldest products of the Apulian tradition, this product in particular was chosen for its high quality and for the use of manual and traditional techniques. Production is limited.

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"Cuettu" Mellow cooked grape must

Vincotto is a fresh cooked grape must. This product in particular is a sweet syrup of Salento cooked grape must. It is excellent on desserts, ice cream and fruit. It is a natural tonic rich in antioxidants and suitable for all ages. To be served hot or cold. Without dyes and additives.

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Vincotto di ciliegie Vincotto di ciliegie
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Cherry vincotto (cooked must)

The vincotto of cherries is an exquisite nectar of very sweet cherries perfect for flavoring sweets, ice creams or fruit salads.

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