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Glazed Ceramic PUMO

The famous glazed ceramic Pumo from Grottaglie, a pretty apulian town. An elegant gift idea symbolizing fertility and good health, perfect as a party favour for your wedding or ceremony.

€8.03 Price

Colored ceramic balloons

These delicious ceramic balloons look real to hang on the wall or to give to whoever you want. Modeled and glazed entirely by hand, they are available in different colors and sizes. Also perfect as a wedding favor.

€7.30 Price

Customization Pumo (logos)

Personalization of the Pumo by inserting the logo or initial letters of the name or names. ATTENTION: the minimum purchase of 50 customizations is also due to the fact that if you want to customize 10 Pumi, the cost starts from € 80.00

€1.31 Price
Quantity available: 200
  • -10%

Ceramic jar with the Apulian Trulli

An elegant white glazed terracotta jar. Ideal to bring to the table or to display in the kitchen. Also perfect as a gift idea.

€23.28 Regular price €25.87 -10% Price
Quantity available: 20
Terracotta Glazed Farmer's Wife Terracotta Glazed Farmer's Wife
  • Out-of-Stock

Terracotta Glazed Farmer's Wife

This beautiful Massaia Salentina is a classic object of Italian heel craftsmanship. It reproduces the appearance of the traditional local housewife, with sinuous shapes of almost Boterian inspiration, wearing the typical clothes and apron of the past.

€12.21 Price
Gufo di ceramica Gufo di ceramica
  • Out-of-Stock

Lucky Glazed Ceramic Owl

A hand made and hand painted owl perfect as a gift idea or for yourself! A good luck home decor that you will absolutely love!

€12.21 Price