Terracotta Glazed Farmer's Wife

Terracotta Glazed Farmer's Wife

This beautiful Massaia Salentina is a classic object of Italian heel craftsmanship. It reproduces the appearance of the traditional local housewife, with sinuous shapes of almost Boterian inspiration, wearing the typical clothes and apron of the past.



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Origin area
Lecce / Salento

Height 17 cm
Width 11 cm
Weight 600 gr
Choice of colors
You can tell us the choice of colors during the purchase phase, it could be that any availability is not immediate so the time to produce it and we will send it to you within about 7 days (only if not available, otherwise it will be shipped immediately).

The Salento housewives
La Massaia Salentina belongs to the collection of ceramic dolls: its bright colors and its sinuous lines make it a beautiful piece to display, to give as a gift and to collect.

Let yourself be enchanted by her surprised and attentive gaze, by her cheerful colors, by her skirt just like the one of the past, partially covered by that white apron of which, at that time, the women of the house never undressed, from early morning until evening. late.

A funny image for the youngest, evocative of past memories for adults, which they will perhaps find again, going on with the memory, the gestures, the looks and the ways of some grandmother, remembering her during the housework or while she was intent on sautéing succulent lunches in the large family kitchen. In short, an image of the Salento housewife, which is not only fun, but is also an image capable of evoking, for many of us, a piece of life lived.

It is made entirely by hand in clay, according to the traditional Salento artisan techniques. Do not forget that any small imperfections are therefore to be considered merits, precisely by virtue of the realization by hand.

La Massaia Salentina is ready to show off itself in your kitchen, in your living room or in your collection. We offer it to you in two color patterns, beautiful to collect but also to give as gifts.