Mini ceramic jar kit and evo oil

Mini ceramic jar kit and evo oil

LaTerradiPuglia Mini Kits are small, fun and versatile packages, ready to hold two typical Apulian products each time. At the base of the idea is a beautiful bag made of sturdy cardboard, equipped with handles and decorated with traditional Apulian motifs. Inside it, different proposals from time to time. The proposal you see on this page is a tribute to the green gold of Apulia, extra virgin olive oil. And this is why the mini kit contains an elegant ceramic jar, a splendid gift idea to keep as a collector's item or as an oil cruet for everyday use, and an excellent extra virgin olive oil, to be poured into the cruet and enjoyed with the family.


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Laterradipuglia Mini Kit

The combination of a beautiful ceramic jar decorated with a cute Apulian motif and a bottle of excellent extra virgin olive oil tells a story of goodness and beauty that is all Apulian. And, if we may emphasise, also of health. A gift, that of the Mini Kit with ceramic Orcio and Apulian oil, that will certainly not go unnoticed. 

The finely decorated cardboard bag containing the two gifts is also impressive: beautiful, elegant, robust and above all manageable, it lends itself very well to being carried practically anywhere, even by hand, until it reaches the hands of its recipient. 

Donating quality olive oil today is a gesture of sincerity and great respect, a gesture that goes beyond simply donating out of a sense of duty, but which also expresses a desire to care for the health and well-being of the recipient. 

So choose without delay the Mini Kit with ceramic jar and evo oil: and if this combination does not satisfy you, write to us and tell us the products you would like to donate. We will be happy to accommodate you!

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