Mini Kit friselline e pomodorini confit

Mini Kit friselline e pomodorini confit

Bring Puglia to your table with LaTerradiPuglia's Mini Kit "Friselline and Confit Tomatoes"! Experience the simple and genuine goodness of this typical Pugliese dish: crunchy friselline and confit tomatoes with a sweet and intense flavor. A perfect pairing for an authentic Mediterranean taste.


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Laterradipuglia Mini Kit

Calling all Puglia lovers! No need to break the bank to indulge in a culinary gem! LaTerradiPuglia has the perfect gift for you: the Mini Kit "Friselline and Confit Tomatoes".

Inside a sturdy and elegant cardboard bag, you'll find everything you need to prepare a typical Pugliese dish rich in flavor and tradition: friselline, accompanied by the sweetness of confit tomatoes.

Friselline and Confit Tomatoes: A Perfect Pugliese Marriage

Friselline, the iconic bread of Puglia, is characterized by its round shape with a central hole and its crunchy texture. Confit tomatoes, on the other hand, are a small masterpiece of simplicity: they are enhanced by a slow cooking process at low temperatures that makes them soft and caramelized, releasing a sweet and intense flavor. Together, friselline and confit tomatoes create a perfect pairing, where the crunchiness of the bread meets the softness of the tomatoes, in an explosion of Mediterranean flavors.

Authentic Taste, Centuries-Old Tradition

Friselline and confit tomatoes represent the true essence of Pugliese cuisine: simple, genuine, and full of flavor. Friselline, once the daily bread of Pugliese peasants, today have become a versatile ingredient for preparing appetizers, first courses, and salads. Confit tomatoes, on the other hand, are a typical product that encapsulates all the sun and flavor of Southern Italy.

LaTerradiPuglia's Mini Kit "Friselline and Confit Tomatoes" is a small treasure that brings authentic Puglia to the table. A perfect gift for food lovers, for those who want to discover new flavors, or simply for indulging in a moment of pure Mediterranean taste.

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