Many dressings and vegetables in oil to bring a touch of Apulia and Salento onto your table, all produced with greens cultivated, harvested and worked with care and love. Dried tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, courgettes, delicious rolls smelling like Mediterranean, leccina and cellina olives, perfect mixtures for fanciful ‘bruschette’ (roasted bread slices), there is a real plenty of them and, taste after taste, you’ll wish you could try everything!

The 230g jars are shipped in six-piece packages; we suggest that you buy 6 at least, else choose the gift wooden package.

Apulian appetizers

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Puntarelle alla crudaiola Puntarelle alla crudaiola sale
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Puntarelle crudaiola

The "Puntarelle" are the heart of the CATALONIAN CHICORY, a typical salad of our territory. We sow in October and harvest the vegetable between January and February. Our women defoliate the plant and manually cut the "scatuni", ie the shoots.

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Pomodori essiccati al sole Pomodori essiccati al sole sale
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Sun-dried long tomatoes

The long tomatoes are cultivated in April and May and
are picked by hand in July and August. All the phases are
processed inside our farm. Once picked, they are washed,
selected, cut, laid on desiccation frames, salted e put in the

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Carciofini alla crudaiola Carciofini alla crudaiola sale
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“Crudaiola” artichokes hearts

Many tasty and crunchy artichokes in the best Apulian extra virgin olive oil and a light aroma of rosemary, ready to appear on your table, accompanying grilled, fish dishes, or as a simple and light side dish in full Apulian style.

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Paparina (wild vegetable) from Salento Paparina (wild vegetable) from Salento sale
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Paparina (wild vegetable) from Salento

Deliciously savory and rustic, the wild "paparine" are spontaneous herbs typical of Puglia. Coming from the poppy plant, they abound in the Apulian fields in spring and are very popular with everyone, young and old. Their collection, as well as their preparation and cooking, require a little patience. That's why we have decided to make them available to everyone and to shorten the time

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Lampascioni alla pugliese Lampascioni alla pugliese sale
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“Lampascioni” wild onions in oil

Lampascioni are small delicious onions typical of the Apulian tradition. In Puglia there is never a shortage: the ones we offer here are prepared exactly as per tradition and then potted for you, so that you can enjoy all the authenticity of Apulian flavors wherever you are, in any season of the year.

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Termite olives from Bitetto

A native Apulian variety cultivated in particular in the areas of Bitetto, Bitonto, Bitritto, Grumo Appula, Modugno, Palo del Colle, Sannicandro di Bari, Toritto. Natural fermentation for six months with salt. PRODUCT WITHOUT VINEGAR

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“Leccine” red olives

These olives are typical of our area and are picked between
October and November through hand-harvesting. Farmers
bring the olives in our farm where they are washed, selected
according to the size and put into water and salt for about
6 months in order to neutralize their bitter taste.

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Chili peppers from Salento

The hot peppers are cultivated in open field between the
end of May and the beginning of June. The picking, between
August and October, requires more steps because of the
peculiarities of this plant.

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Leccine olives with myrtle Leccine olives with myrtle sale
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Leccine olives with myrtle

A few fragrant myrtle leaves and a shower of the most fleshy and ripe Leccine olives for a product that you will no longer want to miss in your pantry. One leads to another, just like cherries: a specialty that the Apulian farmers have been handed down for generations and that we like to offer also to our loyal customers.

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Red onions in negroamaro wine Red onions in negroamaro wine sale
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Red onions in negroamaro wine

From the marriage of love between the best Apulian red onions and the excellent Negroamaro wine, an excellent product that naturally speaks Apulian. Two extraordinary Apulian flavors ready to give the palate a moment of real pleasure.

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Pomodorini Confit Pomodorini Confit sale
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Confit Tomatoes with olives and capers

Confit cherry tomatoes preserved in extra virgin olive oil (49%), sugar and  whole salt has a unique taste. Try it out, at the moment at a great price!

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Natural chicory chicory Natural chicory chicory sale
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Natural chicory chicory

The "Puntarelle" are the heart of the CATALONIAN CHICORY, a typical salad of our territory. We sow in October and harvest the vegetable between January and February. Our women defoliate the plant and manually cut the "scatuni", ie the shoots.

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Grilled peppers Grilled peppers sale
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Grilled peppers

There is nothing better than a taste of grilled peppers to brighten up a family lunch or dinner. Fleshy, pulpy, colorful, these peppers grown by Apulian farmers every summer with patience and love bring to the table the excellent flavor that characterizes these vegetables enhanced by the unique aroma of the embers. To try.

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Condifrisa with semi-dried tomatoes in EVO Condifrisa with semi-dried tomatoes in EVO sale
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Condifrisa with semi-dried tomatoes in EVO

A "condifrisa" with a decidedly Mediterranean flair based on tender semi-dried tomatoes, olives, capers and other typically Apulian ingredients. The result is a creamy product that is excellent to spread or to use in the kitchen with imagination.

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“Crudaiola” artichokes hearts “Crudaiola” artichokes hearts sale
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Natural sliced artichokes

A classic protagonist of the Apulian table is the artichoke, which is traditionally harvested in March - April and which never fails on local tables. With this product we have thought of respecting its flavor and integrity, limiting ourselves to collecting it, peeling it and putting it into wedges for you in a very simple and delicate brine. A product that will win you over with its simplicity.

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