Rape al naturale

Natural turnip tops

Natural turnip tops: simple ingredients (turnip, water, salt). Gentle cooking that preserves the unique, slightly bitter, and sweet flavor. Perfect with handmade orecchiette, on pizza, or as a healthy and tasty side to fish or meat dishes. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber that improve digestion and strengthen the immune system. Turnip tops are the inflorescences of the turnip, carefully harvested and processed.



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Turnip tops are a symbolic ingredient of traditional Apulian cuisine and gastronomy. Their unique flavor, slightly bitter and herbaceous yet delightfully sweet, makes them incredibly versatile. Perfect when paired with the famous handmade Apulian orecchiette to create the quintessential dish that perhaps most represents Apulia worldwide, turnip tops also lend themselves to various other combinations. With sausage inside an irresistible Salento puccia, on pizza, or even as a light, healthy, and tasty side dish alongside fish or meat main courses.

Processing of Turnip Tops

La Terra di Puglia has chosen to cultivate, harvest, and process these turnip tops one by one for you. They cook them naturally, gently, without adding any other aromas. A simple product, with the right consistency, firm and substantial, to use in the kitchen with creativity and versatility. Cooking turnip tops can be a perfect base for many recipes.

Turnip Tops in the Kitchen

Turnip tops by La Terra di Puglia are healthy and safe. The product is sterilized and can be enjoyed simply as is or used creatively in the kitchen. Baked turnip tops are a delicious and healthy option, ideal for accompanying various dishes.

Turnip Tops in Apulia

Turnip tops are somewhat the "parsley" of Apulian cuisine. We may have exaggerated with this statement, but it's true; turnip tops are much loved and widespread in Apulia. These Apulian turnip tops are nothing but the inflorescences of the turnip plant (before full flowering) washed, quickly blanched, and then preserved in Apulian oil. Wild turnip tops add an intense and authentic flavor to dishes.

Information on Turnip Tops

Zero preservatives and excellent Apulian turnip tops for a product that everyone truly enjoys. As mentioned, turnip tops are the inflorescences of the turnip. The inflorescences usually turn yellow when flowering is complete. In Apulia, the tops are harvested before they turn yellow, while they are still green. We harvest them one by one while still green, quickly blanch them, and jar them in the best Apulian oil. Try them creatively in the kitchen or enjoy them as they are in a sandwich, next to a meat or fish main course, or on pizza!

Benefits of Turnip Tops

What are the benefits of turnip tops? Turnip tops are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which help strengthen the immune system, improve digestion, and keep the skin healthy. They are also a good source of fiber, which supports intestinal health.

Friarielli vs Turnip Tops

What is the difference between friarielli and turnip tops? Although often confused, friarielli and turnip tops are slightly different. Friarielli are the inflorescences of broccoli plants, commonly used in Neapolitan cuisine, while turnip tops are specific to the turnip plant and more typical of Apulia. Both have a distinctive taste and are used in different regional culinary traditions.

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