Box recipe Orecchiette with cream of turnip tops

Box recipe Orecchiette with cream of turnip tops

In this box you will find all the ingredients, organized in a beautiful gift box, to make a historic recipe, that of orecchiette with turnip tops (in cream), as well as a bottle of red wine and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Inside the box you will find a sheet with the preparation.


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“Orecchiette” (home-made pasta) with turnip tops: preparation

Cook your orecchiette in boiling water until al dente. In the meanwhile, stir fry a clove of garlic, one red hot pepper deseed and finely sliced and a couple of anchovies. Remove the garlic clove, add the whole turnip tops purée, mix well and keep aside. Once your orecchiette are done, drain them and sauce them. Complete with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and some breadcrumbs previously toasted. Pairs with a good Primitivo Rose Wine IGP.

The box contains

  • 500g orecchiette of semolina
  • 1 bottle of rose wine (red wine too)
  • 1 jar of cream of turnip tops
  • 250gr of Puglia extra virgin olive oil


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