Scatola regalo firmata Laterradipuglia

Gift box signed Laterradipuglia

Our gift box is shipped as shown in the photo. Generally this product is used to package a gift together with the products of your choice. The recipient will receive a box as pictured with your products.


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Volume discounts

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2 €3.02 Up to €0.52
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Laterradipuglia Regalistica

How to choose products
If you need to make more boxes in your order, know that: in the small box we recommend a minimum of 8 products up to a maximum of 12/14 depending on the type, while in the large box from 14 products up to 20/24.

The gift boxes you find in the gift category are included in the cost of the box.
It is not recommended for those who must later, once received, give it away. This is because the gift box arrives this way and may be slightly damaged in transit. For this it is advisable if this box then comes directly to the recipient. You can optionally choose the small gift box that must be sent in packaging.

It will be our pleasure to choose the large or small box based on the products chosen.

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