Taralli with turnip tops

Taralli with turnip tops

Turnip greens are a very common and much loved vegetable in Puglia. There is no Apulian who does not love them unconditionally. Their fresh and aromatic flavor makes them truly special, and they are even lighter and tastier than the classic broccoli of which they are "cousins". Once you taste them, you will be addicted. And what about these taralli with turnip tops? They are perfect for those who can't say no to an artisanal snack prepared with great skill and great research into raw materials, with the aim of bringing to the table a good, healthy, delicious but also different product. If you also love turnip tops, you will surely love these Apulian taralli from La Terra di Puglia!


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WHEAT FLOUR TYPE 0 e.00, white WINE, turnip greens 8%, high oleic sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil 6%, salt
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Laterradipuglia Taralli

What are turnip tops?

Turnip tops are a vegetable widely used and cultivated by Apulian farmers and by Salento farmers throughout Puglia. Partly by tradition, partly because, in Puglia, we really like turnip tops. A great classic is the famous first course with orecchiette: orecchiette or strascinati alle cime di rapa do not need great presentations and can be enjoyed without delay throughout the winter season throughout the region.

But let's take a step back and see what turnip greens are: they are the inflorescences of the turnip plant. You can taste the inflorescences of the plant (when still green, if they are yellow don't buy them) and the smaller green leaves. Usually, however, the outer leaves, which are larger, longer and leathery, are removed. In Puglia turnip greens are sold by the kilo and then it is your responsibility to clean and wash them, but it is not at all difficult.

They can be tasted after having briefly blanched them in hot water (be careful because the florets fall apart after a while, so you don't have to overcook them!), seasoned with a drizzle of the best Apulian oil and a squeeze of lemon. Or sautéed in garlic and chilli pepper. Or, if quickly sautéed in garlic and oil and with the addition of an anchovy in oil, they are perfect for the king of Apulian first courses, which we have just mentioned. Orecchiette with turnip tops!

taralli alle cime di rapa

Taralli with turnip tops

The Terra di Puglia loves to prepare good, authentic and genuine typical Apulian products, which bring to the table all the true and authentic flavor of our region. Well, turnip tops couldn't be missing! And so we put them right in our Apulian taralli, with all the delicacy and love that only we are capable of. To do this, we have selected one by one the most tender and delicate florets, those with a sweet and unmistakable taste that really drive us crazy.

The taralli with turnip tops therefore perfectly combine the unique aroma of turnip tops and the extraordinary fragrance of our homemade taralli. Flour, oil, turnip greens and a few other ingredients for a product that we will make you fall in love with at first taste.

Care, selection, love: the land of Puglia never leaves anything to chance

The Terra di Puglia has the passion to go in search of the flavors that identify and characterize the territory and that can represent, for the Apulians who live outside the region or abroad, the flavors of memory. The memory of childhood, of summers in Puglia or in Salento, of grandparents or relatives who are no longer here, of a lost love. Tasting is not only pleasure for the palate but therefore also becomes emotion and care for the spirit and mind.

And here the flavors of the past such as lampascioni, carroselle, fennel seeds, turnip tops become the great protagonists of a gastronomic paradigm that wants to be a distinctive sign and stylistic code of a catalog of typical Apulian products that points straight to the heart of the taster.

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