Hot pepper taralli

Hot pepper taralli

Raise your hand if you don't always want to find new ways to add panache and flavor to the kitchen. The Apulian chilli pepper therefore comes to our aid and allows us to develop our Apulian chilli pepper taralli: fragrant at the right point, spicy without overdoing it, fun, savory and inviting, these taralli are the perfect answer to the desire for flavor and originality , of panache and character.

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300 gr
Contains sulfites
WHEAT FLOUR TYPE 0 & 00, white WINE, high oleic sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil 6%, salt, hot pepper 2%
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Laterradipuglia Taralli

Taralli with chilli pepper: from Puglia to your home in an instant

Chilli taralli accompany us "without ifs and buts" on a gastronomic journey in the heart of the most authentic Puglia, where the chilli plants grow on fertile soil, kissed by the warm Apulian sunrays and refreshed by the sea dew which makes the and temperate these places all year round. A perfect microclimate that makes Puglia the ideal place for so many different types of plants and crops: the olive tree, first and foremost, but also the tomato plant, artichokes and, of course, chilli pepper.

Chili pepper: one variety, many types

The chilli plant but in reality the chilli cultivars are truly innumerable: shapes and colors multiply, as do the degrees of spiciness. Just think, there is even a scale - called the Scoville scale - which gives an indication of the spiciness level of each variety. Just out of curiosity, we list some of the most interesting varieties of chili: diavolicchio, habanero (red, orange, spinning top), monkey nipples (a curious name, isn't it?), Maya, trinidad (scorpion, doulach), fire of the prairie, aji (amarillo, omnicolor) and many more. You may wonder why many of these names are in Spanish: because Mexicans are truly masters in the cultivation and even more in the consumption of chili peppers! But that's not all: even in Europe, chilli pepper is often the protagonist of some traditional recipes: think, for example, of Hungarian goulash, which is a typically spicy dish. Chilli peppers are also grown in Puglia and are eaten with pleasure. The Apulian pepper in oil is never missing on the table. Today La Terra di Puglia has chosen to offer taralli with chilli pepper for lovers of savory, intense and witty tastes.

Try the Apulian taralli with chilli too

The taralli with chilli pepper therefore fully enter the La Terra di Puglia catalog and are among the typical Apulian products most loved by our customers. The population of lovers of intense, lively and spicy flavors is increasingly vast and rich. And we satisfy our customers with these lively and amusing Apulian taralli, tasty, spicy but never overwhelming. Maybe try them with a glass of a good Apulian white wine! We remind you that La Terra di Puglia is at your disposal for the sale of typical Apulian products of any kind, sweet or savoury, but also extra virgin olive oil, Apulian wine and much, much more!

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