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The corporate gift service by La Terra di Puglia is available all year round. For the great quality and refinement of the products included in our gift packs, this type of food and wine gifts is undoubtedly part of the trend of luxury corporate gifts. We therefore do not offer you products that are easily available elsewhere or in supermarkets. Our corporate food gifts include many Apulian specialties that will truly conquer those who receive your Apulian parcels.

So, if you are looking for typical products from Bari to give as gifts, or from Lecce, or from Foggia, or products from any corner of Puglia, we are here for you. Our online gift packs also include handcrafted products, which we like to consider luxury corporate gadgets: handmade items, which you can personalize with your logo if you wish.

Call us with confidence for your Apulian gift packages or for our Christmas, Easter or related corporate gifts and an important anniversary or company milestone. We are open to customizations, we accept orders for small numbers or for corporate gift projects on large numbers, and we personally take care of the shipment.

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Bag for Mini Kit

La Terra di Puglia "Mini Kit" gift idea, is an easy and imaginative way to put together a very small selection of classic Apulian products to be given as gifts. It is the ideal solution for your do-it-yourself gastronomic gifts, with a limited budget but still of great quality and aesthetic appeal. That's why LaTerradiPuglia has conceived this elegant bag for you - sturdy and well finished, capable of holding two products of your choice. Draw from our vast catalogue of typical Apulian products and compose your own DIY tasting gift. Easy, creative and fun!

€0.98 Price
Quantity available: 499

Small package for typical products

It's a small box that you can use to add the products you want. We provide this boxes to give you the choice of what to insert. We recommend that you enter a similar type of product like the one you see in the picture. a maximum of 6 products.

€1.64 Price
Quantity available: 129
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Tomato orecchiette Mini Kit

A veritable 'starter kit' for lovers of Apulian food, which inside the beautiful bag signed LaTerradiPuglia welcomes two great family Sunday classics: artisanal orecchiette and fresh tomato puree. A perfect combination that tells us a story of great simplicity, of craftsmanship, but also of a desire to return to the origins. If you have the need or the desire to give a gift, this Mini Kit is a choice that makes simplicity its winning key.

€6.18 Price
Quantity available: 100
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Mini kit friselline and sun-dried tomato pâté

LaTerradiPuglia's Mini Kits are fun and mouthwatering ideas for giving something special and mouthwatering that looks good in total simplicity. The combination we present on this page is between fragrant friselline and a delicious sun-dried tomato pate. Red, ripe, fleshy tomatoes to which the sun shining in the land of Puglia has enhanced flavor and savoriness like never before. A perfect combo to give to gluttonous friends at any occasion of the year.

€7.45 Price
Quantity available: 99
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Mini kit taralli and Leccine olives

The Mini Kit taralli e olive leccine is a small but elegant gift idea containing two typical Apulian products of great quality: our taralli, fragrant and tasty, and our olives leccine, strictly pitted. A perfect combination for an aperitif or for any time of day, perfect to give as a gift in its elegant cardboard box which, we remind you, you can also buy empty.

€6.91 Price
Quantity available: 99

The flavors of the Apulian Sunday

A box with some products that represent the Apulian Sunday tradition, in particular orecchiette with turnip tops and sweet products to taste, pittedde, sweet taralli, fig jam and a package of classic taralli. We have paired a super wine awarded in many events such as the best rosé of Puglia, the Metiusco from the Palama winery.

€39.00 Price
Quantity available: 98

Traditional Puglia

In this box we have collected the tradition of orecchiette with turnip tops and sweet products to taste, pittedde, sweet taralli, fig jam and a package of classic taralli. We paired an excellent wine, the Salice Salentino DOP which makes the difference.

€38.73 Price
Quantity available: 98

The essential from Puglia

With this small box we offer you the essentials to feel in Puglia, a first course of orecchiette with red sauce, an aperitif with artisan frisellina with olive oil and olve leccine paté, and a small treat with dried figs.

€20.82 Price
Quantity available: 84

Gift box with typical products from Puglia

An elegant gift basket with typical products containing the quintessence of Apulian flavors. A certainly welcome idea to be offered at any time of the year, with the certainty of leaving a mark in the heart and memory of those who receive.

€25.36 Price
Quantity available: 57

Gift box signed Laterradipuglia

Our gift box is shipped as shown in the photo. Generally this product is used to package a gift together with the products of your choice. The recipient will receive a box as pictured with your products.

€2.46 Price
Quantity available: 57

"Survival Kit" box set from Puglia

A small but precious "survival kit" for the lover of Puglia doc. An excellent wine, a fine extra virgin olive oil, fragrant friselline and irresistible filleted aubergines: a treasure chest of goodness to give.

€29.27 Price
Quantity available: 55

The package with typical products from Puglia

All the best of what the region has to offer in terms of food and wine and craftsmanship in a gift box of surprising variety. Password: amaze!

€163.55 Price
Quantity available: 41


Many Apulian classics, with a touch of character and a great desire for health. An excellent Negroamaro wine and a bottle of the best artisanal tomato sauce could not be missing.

€55.45 Price
Quantity available: 40


To the Apulian classics we have added some delicious almond dried figs, for a sweet break in full local style. For those who cannot help but conclude their meals with a sweet "cuddle".

€57.27 Price
Quantity available: 33


Many Apulian classics, with a touch of character and a moment of sweetness. That's why jam and almond dried figs could not be missing. Only for demanding palates.

€70.91 Price
Quantity available: 27


The right balance between sweet and savory designed to give the right emphasis to flavors of the past, which are back as protagonists at any time of the year.

€80.00 Price
Quantity available: 25


Many Apulian vegetables such as onions with vincotto, puntarelle alla crudaiola, leccine olives and dried tomatoes. For the more fashionable, who can't live without a gourmet aperitif.

€122.55 Price
Quantity available: 10


Ancient City of Ceramics, Cutrofiano noch heute für die Handwerkskunst seiner Meister Töpfer, die die Kunst von Vater zu Sohn weitergeben verblüffen. Denn Gastronomie und Handwerk in unserer Region gehen immer Hand in Hand. Eine Schachtel mit 14 Produkten, die das Beste aus unserer Tradition sammelt. IN DER PACKUNG UND INKLUSIVE GESCHENKBOX und Verpackungsbox.

€107.45 Price
Quantity available: 10
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Mini ceramic jar kit and evo oil

LaTerradiPuglia Mini Kits are small, fun and versatile packages, ready to hold two typical Apulian products each time. At the base of the idea is a beautiful bag made of sturdy cardboard, equipped with handles and decorated with traditional Apulian motifs. Inside it, different proposals from time to time. The proposal you see on this page is a tribute to the green gold of Apulia, extra virgin olive oil. And this is why the mini kit contains an elegant ceramic jar, a splendid gift idea to keep as a collector's item or as an oil cruet for everyday use, and an excellent extra virgin olive oil, to be poured into the cruet and enjoyed with the family.

€22.55 Price
Quantity available: 9

Wooden box with terracotta jar and 3 liters of extravirgin olive oil

A nice idea if you are looking for a gift capable of combining aesthetics, good taste and undisputed product quality. A lovely wooden box, an Apulian ceramic jar and 3 liters of excellent organic extra virgin olive oil for a gift designed to satisfy the desire to offer something beautiful and delicious at the same time.

The typical Apulian products are also this: the pleasure of pampering those you love with beautiful, good, certainly appreciated ideas and proposals, which also find space in everyday life.

€72.55 Price
Quantity available: 7
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A small kit for an authentic Christmas made in Puglia, accompanied by a soft artisan panettone and an excellent Susumaniello rosé sparkling wine.

€98.91 Price
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The sweetest and most authentic Puglia enclosed in a package to donate on any occasion. For those who live on sweetness alone!

€89.82 Price
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In Puglia it is not Christmas without a good artisan panettone, a brut rosé sparkling wine, a bottle of excellent wine and a Martina Franca capocollo. The ingredients are all there, only the guests are missing!

€180.73 Price
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Gift Box LECCE

Lots of variety and a little desire for authentic flavors, for a gift box that tastes of Christmas and Puglia. It includes a soft artisan panettone and a Susumaniello rosé sparkling wine, to give your parties an unmistakable Apulian flavor. Moreover, this gift baskets includes an amazing terracotta jar. 

€153.55 Price
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Perfect for an authentic Apulian-style Christmas, it includes a delicious traditional panettone, a ceramic glazed oil jar and a graceful Apulian pumo entirely handmade. The ideal gift box for the most beautiful time of the year - Christmas - but not only.

€136.27 Price