In Puglia it is not Christmas without a good artisan panettone, a brut rosé sparkling wine, a bottle of excellent wine and a Martina Franca capocollo. The ingredients are all there, only the guests are missing!



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Laterradipuglia Regalistica

We have selected the best of the Apulian food and wine tradition for your business promotion solutions or simply for a thought of thanks to friends, customers, suppliers or collaborators.
Food, good food, is our passion: a passion that we jealously guard and that we like to pack as a precious thing, that we don't want to miss, but that we love to give to special people.
What unites us is the desire to rediscover and search for the unforgettable flavors of the past, which are still produced today by the skilled hands of small artisans to whom, in this global world, we like to dedicate a leading role.

We have dedicated time and attention not only to the choice of producers and products of the highest quality, but also to the care of the packaging. Our compositions are treated in detail, so as to be able to satisfy any type of need as regards both the content and the final aesthetics. Beautiful on the outside and good on the inside!

We have thought of a journey of 400 km of taste and flavors, far and wide for the whole length of Puglia for this reason we have decided to call our BOX with the names of the Apulian towns and cities.

Alberobello, a UNESCO heritage site

Famous throughout the world for its trulli, unique rural buildings of their kind, romantic and incredibly suggestive, Alberobello has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Alberobello gift package content details

In Puglia it is not Christmas without a good panettone with figs and chocolate, a brut rosé sparkling wine, a bottle of wine and a capocollo of Martina Franca. Let there be a party! With this box you give your customers, friends or suppliers a gift that will not go unnoticed. The flavors of Puglia will turn your Christmas into an extraordinary treat for your palate! 

  1. Ceramic glazed jar
  2. Orecchiette Wheat Cappelli g 500
  3. Rosé Susumaniello Brut 75 cl
  4. Primitivo BIO red wine cl 75
  5. Capocollo of Martina Franca g 500
  6. Mustaccere with chocolate g 200
  7. Sweet tarallini with Primitivo wine g 200
  8. Artisan tomato puree g 420
  9. Dried tomatoes in oil g 280
  10. Aubergines fillets g 300
  11. Raw artichokes 160 g
  12. Black celline olive paté g 180
  13. Leccine olives with myrtle g 180
  14. Pumo artisan about 8 cm
  15. Artisan panettone with figs and chocolate g 750
  16. Fig / grape / quince jam g 200
  17. Slowfood dried figs with almonds g 48
  18. Classic Apulian Taralli plain or flavoured g 300

For each BOX shipped individually you need to make individual purchases, while if you have to buy more BOXes to be received at your home, a single purchase is enough.

We have two types of boxes for the boxes, the large one and the small one, the box will be delivered in this way, with the products of each package or chosen inside, the box of this box is the BIG

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