Christmas Gourmet Baskets

From our extensive experience in selecting Apulian culinary specialties, our department dedicated to the design and creation of Christmas gourmet baskets was born, used by our clients as promotional items, gifts, or Christmas gift baskets.

Unique Personalization

We do not produce anything standard because we believe that a "gift" should be as personalized as possible and perfectly in line with the expectations of both the giver and the receiver. Therefore, our marketing office's task is to develop solutions, at no cost or obligation, based on the different needs of the clientele and the allocated budget. We offer customized Christmas baskets to meet every request.

Various Types of Baskets

We offer various types of unique Christmas baskets, in terms of both size and the products they contain. Timing and organization are also important: we believe it is very useful to organize the entire process in very certain times. Our operators are available for phone or personal meetings with the purchasing, marketing, and public relations managers of interested companies to collect and provide all the necessary information to develop a possible supply offer.

Turnkey Solutions

The ready-made solutions we offer to our clients are divided into two categories:

  1. Traditional gifts: with 12 different proposals, named after 12 locations in our beautiful Apulia. This solution has received several compliments and has even inspired some competitors. Each of these 12 proposals includes a selection of different products and can involve a modest, medium, or increasingly significant investment.

  2. Recipe box gifts: 6 typical recipes from the Apulian culinary tradition, ready to be made. Each box includes the ingredients for preparation and instructions, in both Italian and English.

Shipping & Logistics

Our logistics office is responsible for managing all shipments, especially the delivery of all baskets, including corporate Christmas baskets, door-to-door if required, and preparing end-of-work reports if requested. We ship worldwide, ensure the preparation of all customs and health authorizations for this purpose, and offer our extensive experience in food export to eliminate the risk of failed deliveries.

Advantages for Companies

  • Personalized Christmas basket packaging
  • Product inclusion upon request
  • Catalog and price list, quantity discounts
  • Wholesale Christmas baskets
  • Multiple shipments worldwide

We advise our clients to prepare their corporate Christmas gifts well in advance to have enough time to decide on recipients, budget, and products. We remind you that interesting discounts are available for those who book their corporate Christmas gifts by September 30 each year and Easter gifts by February 28 each year.

For any information, Mr. Marco Gianfreda is available at +39 338.8591106.