Patés and dressings

Delicious patés to spread over fragrant bread slices or to use as dressing for a pasta dish for excellent results in the shortest time. Perfect also to enliven an eager and funny selection of bruschetta (roasted bread slices) at dinner with friends or for a children snack. We obviously use the freshest products, strictly 0km. The same smell as you remember from your holidays in Salento, straight onto your table.

Apulian patés and dressings

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Hot pepper in EVO oil

The hot pepper is a great classic of Apulian cuisine as well as of the Mediterranean diet. We offer it in the best Apulian extra virgin olive oil, ready to taste according to your imagination.

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Patè di olive celline

A rich and creamy pate of Celline olives, perfect for a tasty snack between meals, for a friselline-based party or as a base for a gourmet sandwich instead of the more classic mayonnaise. Good and healthy, it is prepared from the best Apulian Celline olives with the addition of a tear of extra virgin olive oil, also the superlative fruit of our land.

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Turnip greens cream

Voluptuous, velvety and irresistible, this cream is the cuddle that your lover of Apulian flavors was missing. Try it alone or use it as a sauce for pasta: just heat it slightly and add a spoonful of the pasta cooking water to bring all the authenticity of the most authentic Puglia to the table.

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Leccine olives with myrtle

A few fragrant myrtle leaves and a shower of the most fleshy and ripe Leccine olives for a product that you will no longer want to miss in your pantry. One leads to another, just like cherries: a specialty that the Apulian farmers have been handed down for generations and that we like to offer also to our loyal customers.

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Sun-dried tomatoes pate

The long tomatoes are cultivated in open field in our farm
in the months of April and May and they are picked by hand
in July and August. Once picked, they are washed, selected,
cut by hand, salted and laid in the sun on desiccation frames
for 4-5 days.

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Fennel carpaccio Fennel carpaccio
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Fennel carpaccio

The fennel carpaccio is a unique product, it is crunchy, fresh and fragrant.

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Paparina (wild vegetable) from Salento

Deliciously savory and rustic, the wild "paparine" are spontaneous herbs typical of Puglia. Coming from the poppy plant, they abound in the Apulian fields in spring and are very popular with everyone, young and old. Their collection, as well as their preparation and cooking, require a little patience. That's why we have decided to make them available to everyone and to shorten the time

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Fish sauce with sea bass

A delicious fish sauce based on sea bass and fresh tomato, very fragrant of the sea and healthy for the whole family. 41% of sea bass, while the normal sauces you find around do not even reach 7%.

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Sea bream in yellow, fish sauce with sea bream

A fresh and healthy fish sauce made with excellent fresh sea bream and yellow tomato sauce. A tasty and tasty combination suitable for the whole family when you want a healthy but quick first course of fish. 41% of sea bream fish, while the normal sauces you find around do not even reach 7%.

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Artichoke cream with lemon in EVO

Delicious Apulian artichokes, very sweet and fleshy, ready to take on new life and turn into a captivating pate, made original and witty by a note of lemon and a tear of the best Apulian extra virgin olive oil. Health, originality, flavor, authenticity. All the Puglia you want ready to taste according to your imagination.

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Condifrisa with semi-dried tomatoes in EVO

A "condifrisa" with a decidedly Mediterranean flair based on tender semi-dried tomatoes, olives, capers and other typically Apulian ingredients. The result is a creamy product that is excellent to spread or to use in the kitchen with imagination.

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“Conserva mara” traditional paté

Mara paté is one of the oldest, most sought after and renowned specialties of Salento. It is a preserve prepared with tomatoes, peppers, onions, basil, which are processed and boiled for a long time, then put into jars and placed in the sun. A long and laborious process for a unique product of its kind that is essential not to be lost.

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Cream of zucchini

Very sweet and small, these are the courgettes that the Apulian farmers send us every year to give life to this irresistible cream that smells of Puglia like never before. A lemon tear does the rest, giving the right counterpoint to a symphony of flavors that will not leave any of your guests indifferent.

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Red onions in negroamaro wine Red onions in negroamaro wine
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Red onions in negroamaro wine

From the marriage of love between the best Apulian red onions and the excellent Negroamaro wine, an excellent product that naturally speaks Apulian. Two extraordinary Apulian flavors ready to give the palate a moment of real pleasure.

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Ketchup pugliese Giallo Ketchup pugliese Giallo
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Apulian Yellow Ketchup

Did someone say ketchup? The version that we propose here is very original and all Apulian. A gourmet proposal that will satisfy lovers of the famous American sauce, with very simple and completely natural ingredients. Ready to prepare your gourmet fries with a drop of Apulian ketchup? We assure you that once tasted, this ketchup will never be missing in the pantry.

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Pomodori scattarisciati, peperoni e pomodori Pomodori scattarisciati, peperoni e pomodori
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Organic Tomatoes and Peppers side dish

A classic recipe of Puglia: it's a side dish made up with organic tomatoes and peppers. Rich and colourful, tasty and creamy!

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Conditutto alla contadina Conditutto alla contadina
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Country style mixed vegetables pate

In this all-dressing you will find all the greens cultivated in
open field in our farm from April to May and which are picked
by hand from June to September. The vegetables are naturally
dried in the sun and then worked by hand from our women.

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Patè di peperoni Patè di peperoni
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Pepper pate

The sweet red peppers are cultivated in open field in May and
are picked by hand in August and September inside our farm.
They are washed, selected, cut in large slices and let to mature
under salt for a short period.

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