Oil flavored by pressing whole chili peppers

Oil flavored by pressing whole chili peppers

The dressing made from whole olives and chillies is the perfect product for those who can't do without a drop of good 'spicy' on practically any dish. Its flavour is intense and rounded, aromatic and at the same time fresh. The combination of olives and fresh chillies creates a really pleasant condiment with a red pepper aroma and just the right amount of spiciness.

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Dressing made from whole olives and chillies

. The condiment made from the pressing of olives and chillies brings to the table the quintessence of ripe olives combined with the nectar that the best chillies can give us. A joint pressing of different flavours yet so perfectly matched: that of olives and that of the best red chillies, ripe and fleshy as never before. A product that - besides being delicious beyond measure - is also as healthy as ever. It is no coincidence that both olives and chilli peppers are known for their exceptional cardiovascular protective properties. Those who suffer from hypercholesterolaemia cannot but benefit from this exceptional good-fat condiment, perfect for pampering the palate and keeping the arteries clean in one go.

How to use olive and whole pepper dressing

. Olive and whole pepper seasoning is a tasty and highly versatile product. Together with a drop of olive and garlic seasoning, it can be perfect for preparing a sumptuous 'garlic, oil and chilli' spaghetti dish. But that's not all: it can transform a simple pasta with tomato sauce into an exceptional pasta all'arrabbiata. To best savour its uniqueness and to fully understand its great versatility, we always recommend tasting a drop on a slice of bread.

Seasoning made from whole olives and chillies, information

. Olive and whole chilli seasoning is made from 85% olives and 15% chillies.