Flavored oil obtained by pressing whole garlic cloves

Flavored oil obtained by pressing whole garlic cloves

This condiment made by pressing olives and garlic cloves is a real passepartout for garlic lovers. It is fragrant, aromatic, pleasant, persistent but never overpowering. Perfect in the kitchen to avoid having to peel fresh garlic from time to time, excellent on bread and in cooking in many imaginative recipes.

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Foresta Forte olio extravergine salento

Seasoning made from olives and cloves of garlic

The seasoning made from olives and garlic cloves is a simple and tasty product made only from fresh, top-quality raw materials. No artificial flavourings, just fresh ingredients and a lot of passion, for a product that, once tried, will undoubtedly become your ace in the kitchen. This is an oil produced from the natural pressing of olives and whole cloves of garlic, with the aim of getting the best out of both raw materials. A true aromatic nectar, intense and rich as never before, fragrant and delicious. Garlic lovers will not be able to do without it.

How to use olive and garlic seasoning

. Olive and garlic clove seasoning is very versatile and aromatic. Perfect as a base for a very simple bruschetta with tomato, it can make the most boring and ordinary tomato pasta dish special. But that's not all: excellent on pizzas and focaccias, perfect as a base for cooking roasts in combination with a sprig of rosemary, also excellent on fish or grilled meats, it really is an interesting and winning product on several fronts. All the aroma of fresh garlic without any digestibility problems.

Olive and garlic clove seasoning, information

. Olive and garlic clove seasoning is made from 85% olives and 15% garlic.