Wooden box with terracotta jar and 3 liters of extravirgin olive oil

Wooden box with terracotta jar and 3 liters of extravirgin olive oil

A nice idea if you are looking for a gift capable of combining aesthetics, good taste and undisputed product quality. A lovely wooden box, an Apulian ceramic jar and 3 liters of excellent organic extra virgin olive oil for a gift designed to satisfy the desire to offer something beautiful and delicious at the same time.

The typical Apulian products are also this: the pleasure of pampering those you love with beautiful, good, certainly appreciated ideas and proposals, which also find space in everyday life.



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Puglian Ceramic Jar, Oil Can, and Elegant Wooden Box: 3 Gifts in One

La Terra di Puglia has created this gift to meet the needs of those who believe - like us - that olive oil is one of the best products to give as a gift. A product always appreciated, partly for its undisputed goodness and excellent nutritional values, partly because in this version it also includes two beautiful objects to keep and display: the wooden box and the beautiful Puglian ceramic jar.

  • an elegant wooden box, handcrafted and equipped with convenient closures, beautiful to keep in the kitchen, where you can store anything you desire: cutlery, napkins, tea bags, or whatever your imagination suggests.
  • the beautiful Puglian ceramic jar, specially designed for the customers of our shop, thus unique and unavailable elsewhere. A beautiful object to keep in the kitchen and put on the table daily, perfect for family use, for those who always want to have good extra virgin olive oil at hand for seasoning any type of dish. The jar has a capacity of 500 ml and is EMPTY ready to be filled with a DOSING CAP.
  • a 3-liter can of excellent Puglian extra virgin olive oil, a truly fine product, qualitatively excellent because it is rich in polyphenols, perfect to decant from time to time to keep your Puglian ceramic jar always full. With the can, you can fill the jar about 6 times!

Oil Jars for Sale Online: Perfect for Combining Beauty and Practicality

Oil jars have been part of the Puglian rural tradition for a long time. In the past, there were no modern materials that are widely used today in agriculture and domestic environments. All the "work" was entrusted to raw or sometimes glazed terracotta. In some areas of Puglia, even more than in others, terracotta objects for domestic, practical, daily, or simply decorative use were and are still produced today.

And to learn the history of oil jars, we must go back in time and discover the large capase, still preserved today in many rural and peasant homes in Puglia and Salento, and of course the ceramic oil jars.

Objects that today - despite modernity seeming to have taken over - we all love to recover and keep at home, aware that they are products capable of surpassing the limit of advancing time. Objects so appreciated even by the younger generation that they are often requested as wedding favors.

Have you ever received an oil jar as a wedding favor? It’s the trend of the moment.

ATTENTION: the jar is inserted empty into the box.

A Gift Capable of Pleasing Everyone and Surpassing the Limit of Passing Time

On this page, the proposal by La Terra di Puglia is a complete gift idea and sure to impress. How many times have you found many beautiful gift ideas while browsing the web, but a little too isolated and disconnected from each other? This product, on the other hand, is already made and finished, ready to be sent and given to whoever you want, sure to hit the mark and make a good impression.

As mentioned, in addition to the pleasure of bringing to the table a superior quality organic Puglian oil, it also offers the possibility of keeping at home and in the kitchen two elegant and timeless objects that will surely impress and amaze even passing guests. Objects that fit perfectly in any type of environment and last over time. Oil jars are precisely the answer to this type of need.

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