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Box Recipes Gift Ideas

The gift boxes with recipes, also known as cooking boxes, are always welcome gift ideas with which to make a good impression and show yourself original people and in step with the times. These are cooking gift boxes containing all the ingredients to make an authentic typical Apulian recipe. These are not cooking boxes from starred chefs but very simple ideas accompanied by step-by-step instructions in both Italian and English to bring some dishes of the typical Apulian gastronomy to the table.

Easy and fun, they also allow children to create lunch boxes, to take to work or to be consumed at home all together on the occasion of an Apulian-style evening. Cooking box to be prepared for fun with friends, to spend an all-Apulian moment under the sign of good humor and the flavors of Puglia.

Choose the recipe that intrigues you the most and fasten the apron, in a few minutes you will bring Puglia to the table.

Gift ideas from Puglia and Italy

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Bag for Mini Kit

La Terra di Puglia "Mini Kit" gift idea, is an easy and imaginative way to put together a very small selection of classic Apulian products to be given as gifts. It is the ideal solution for your do-it-yourself gastronomic gifts, with a limited budget but still of great quality and aesthetic appeal. That's why LaTerradiPuglia has conceived this elegant bag for you - sturdy and well finished, capable of holding two products of your choice. Draw from our vast catalogue of typical Apulian products and compose your own DIY tasting gift. Easy, creative and fun!

€1.08 Regular price €1.15 -6% Price
Quantità disponibili: 499

Small package for typical products

It's a small box that you can use to add the products you want. We provide this boxes to give you the choice of what to insert. We recommend that you enter a similar type of product like the one you see in the picture. a maximum of 6 products.

€1.97 Price
Quantità disponibili: 129

Box recipe Orecchiette with cream of turnip tops

In this box you will find all the ingredients, organized in a beautiful gift box, to make a historic recipe, that of orecchiette with turnip tops (in cream), as well as a bottle of red wine and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil. Inside the box you will find a sheet with the preparation.

€27.18 Price
Quantità disponibili: 100

The flavors of the Apulian Sunday

A box with some products that represent the Apulian Sunday tradition, in particular orecchiette with turnip tops and sweet products to taste, pittedde, sweet taralli, fig jam and a package of classic taralli. We have paired a super wine awarded in many events such as the best rosé of Puglia, the Metiusco from the Palama winery.

€39.00 Price
Quantità disponibili: 99

Traditional Puglia

In this box we have collected the tradition of orecchiette with turnip tops and sweet products to taste, pittedde, sweet taralli, fig jam and a package of classic taralli. We paired an excellent wine, the Salice Salentino DOP which makes the difference.

€38.73 Price
Quantità disponibili: 99

The essential from Puglia

With this small box we offer you the essentials to feel in Puglia, a first course of orecchiette with red sauce, an aperitif with artisan frisellina with olive oil and olve leccine paté, and a small treat with dried figs.

€20.82 Price
Quantità disponibili: 84

Gift box with typical products from Puglia

An elegant gift basket with typical products containing the quintessence of Apulian flavors. A certainly welcome idea to be offered at any time of the year, with the certainty of leaving a mark in the heart and memory of those who receive.

€24.36 Price
Quantità disponibili: 58

"Survival Kit" box set from Puglia

A small but precious "survival kit" for the lover of Puglia doc. An excellent wine, a fine extra virgin olive oil, fragrant friselline and irresistible filleted aubergines: a treasure chest of goodness to give.

€29.27 Price
Quantità disponibili: 57

Gift box signed Laterradipuglia

Our gift box is shipped as shown in the photo. Generally this product is used to package a gift together with the products of your choice. The recipient will receive a box as pictured with your products.

€3.28 Price
Quantità disponibili: 57
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Box Frisellina recipe, extra virgin olive oil and purée

The "Apulian aperitif" box includes a Negroamaro "Fregi Barocchi" and delicious and fragrant friselline to be seasoned with extra virgin olive oil or with a paté of dried tomatoes. Simple goodness from the Land of Puglia!

€23.82 Price
Quantità disponibili: 20