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Puglian jams

The Sweet Delights of Puglia

In the culinary tradition of Puglia, sweets hold a place of honor. In this category, you will find all the sweet preserves, such as dried figs, jams, and marmalades. Puglia offers a variety of traditional Puglian sweet recipes that captivate with their simplicity and goodness.

Typical Puglian Sweets

The typical Puglian sweets are known and appreciated worldwide. The Puglian sweet recipes are passed down from generation to generation, preserving the authentic and genuine flavors of tradition. Among these, the sweet taralli, both in the chocolate and almond version and the vincotto one, stand out. Another delicacy is the almond pastries, with their unmistakable taste and soft texture. Among the dried sweets, the almond-stuffed dried figs are a real Puglian specialty, where the sweetness of the fig meets the crunchiness of the almonds. The health biscuits with almonds are another example of how the Puglian tradition manages to combine simplicity and goodness.

Puglian Jams and Marmalades

Puglia is renowned for the production of high-quality jams and marmalades. The Puglian cherry jam, fig jam, strawberry jam, and quince jam are among the most appreciated. We cannot forget the grape jam (mostarda), also known as cuettu. These delights are perfect for accompanying cheeses, yogurt, or simply spread on a slice of bread. The Puglian marmalades, such as orange marmalade, are made with high-quality local fruits. Puglia, with its Mediterranean climate, is the ideal place for growing citrus and other fruits, ensuring marmalades with a unique and intense flavor.

The Tradition of Vincotto

The sweet grape vincotto is another typical product of Puglia, obtained from the long cooking of grape must. This sweet syrup is used to flavor sweets such as the fig-filled pitteddhe or grape-filled pitteddhe, and to prepare the sweet taralli with vincotto. The fig vincotto is another equally delicious variant, perfect for enhancing the flavor of biscuits and other sweets.

Almond Milk Delicacies

Almond milk is a typical Puglian drink, also used in the preparation of sweets. The almond pastries are an unmissable delight, with a rich taste and soft texture, perfect for ending a meal or for a sweet break.

Puglian Sweets with Chocolate

The mustaccere (mustaccioli) with chocolate are particular Puglian sweets, characterized by the presence of chocolate that makes them irresistible. These sweets, along with the glazed taralli, represent the perfect combination of tradition and modern taste.

Negroamaro Grape Juice

The Negroamaro grape juice is another typical product of Puglia, used both as a drink and as an ingredient for sweets. This juice, with its intense and aromatic flavor, is ideal for preparing unique and authentic-tasting sweets.

Filled Sweets

The pitteddhe ripiene are typical Puglian sweets that can be filled with figs, grapes, or quince paste. These sweets represent a real burst of flavors and are perfect for those who love rich and tasty preparations.

In conclusion, the Puglian sweets and their recipes are a treasure trove of authentic and traditional flavors. Each sweet tells a story, that of Puglia and its culinary traditions, which continue to live thanks to the passion and love for good food. Experimenting with these Puglian sweet recipes means immersing oneself in a world of taste and tradition, discovering the secrets and excellence of a land rich in culture and unique flavors.

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Sundried figues with almonds

Dried almond figs spiced with cinnamon, fennel seeds and bay leaves are a typical delicacy of Puglia, famous for their sweet flavor and irresistible consistency. Traditionally, they were the desserts enjoyed in Apulian homes, especially during festive moments. Made with dried figs stuffed with almonds, they represent a perfect combination of sweetness and crunchiness. Puglia, with its fertile soils and ideal climate, is rich in fig and fig groves, making this region the perfect place for the production of these delicious desserts. Almond dried figs are not just a delicacy, but also a piece of Apulian history and tradition.

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Jam Figs

Fig jam is an incredible product, sweet, with an intense and delicious texture: it tells us a story of sun, life in the open air and lightheartedness. And it brings us back to memories and memories of our childhood. So, let's get to know it: only ripe figs, a few drops of lemon, vanilla, cinnamon and a little sugar for this fig jam that is as pleasant to the eye as it is to the palate. Its amber color and its slightly acidic flavor make it the ideal solution for creating original tarts, for setting breakfasts rich in flavor and energy.

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Grape jam 280gr

Only ripe grapes and a little sugar for this jam that is as pleasing to the eye as to the palate. Its amber color and its slightly acidulous taste make it the ideal solution to give life to original tarts, to set the table full of flavor and energy.

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Apulian cherry jam Apulian cherry jam sale
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Apulian cherry jam

The Apulian cherry jam is an authentically Apulian product coming from fresh local fruit harvested and processed on the same day. Try it on bread or use it to create stuffed shortbread or tarts!

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Apulian strawberry jam Apulian strawberry jam sale
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Apulian strawberry jam

Delicious, juicy, sweet and very tender Apulian strawberries take on new life in the form of jam, excellent for your breakfasts or for your homemade tarts under the sign of tradition.

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Orange jam

Orange and a little sugar for this jam which is both pleasing to the eye and to the palate. It has an amber color and its acidic flavor does not provide the ideal solution for preserving the original rind, so much so that it appears rich in flavor and energy.

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Quince jam

Quince jam, an autumnal delight. Only ripe quinces and a little sugar for this jam that is both pleasing to the eye and to the palate. Its amber color and its slightly acidic flavor make it the ideal solution for creating original tarts, for setting breakfasts rich in flavor and energy.

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Pitteddhe Stuffed with figs

They are grandma's sweets, these pitteddhe with figs, those sweets that we like so much because they remind us of the delicious scent that came out of her cupboard.

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Pitteddhe Stuffed with grapes

Delicious grape tarts partially closed on themselves, typical of the Salento tradition. They are filled with grape compote, delicious and just the right amount of sweet. Small delicacies to offer at the end of the meal to your guests or as a tasty (and healthy) snack for your children.

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Fichi mandorlati ricoperti di cioccolato fondente Fichi mandorlati ricoperti di cioccolato fondente sale
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Almond figs covered with chocolate

Dried dried figs of the "Dottato" cultivar variety widespread throughout the South. A product with unique characteristics that with the addition of dark chocolate make it a unique product. This figs come from San Michele Salentino, a Slow Food presidium

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Pitteddhe with quince

Where can you buy quince jelly? And even more, where to buy wonderful ready-made sweets, filled with the best Apulian quince jelly? Of course we'll take care of it. So here are at your disposal, delicious chests of shortcrust pastry ideal for a very tasty but also very healthy snack. We like the flavors of the past!

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