Pitteddhe Stuffed with grapes

Pitteddhe Stuffed with grapes

Delicious grape tarts partially closed on themselves, typical of the Salento tradition. They are filled with grape compote, delicious and just the right amount of sweet. Small delicacies to offer at the end of the meal to your guests or as a tasty (and healthy) snack for your children.

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Lecce / Salento
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Farina di grano tenero "0", zucchero, burro, uova, semola rimacinata, miele, lievito in polvere, aroma di limone e marmellata di uva.
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Apulian grape tarts: good, beautiful, pitteddhe

Grape tarts are a delicious dessert that brings out the natural flavor of grapes in small, individual portions. A grape tart can be made in several variations, including the white grape tart, which uses white grapes for a more delicate flavor. Grape tart is a traditional dessert, perfect for any occasion, and the grape tart recipe can vary based on the ingredients and personal preferences. Whether you choose to make a large grape tart or miniature grape tarts, the important thing is to use fresh, quality grapes. Grape tarts and grape tart are excellent options for those looking for a simple but elegant dessert. Following a good grape tart recipe guarantees a result that will conquer all palates, making the grape tart and the white or black grape tart the true protagonists of Italian tables.

Pitteddhe, a regional variant of the classic tarts

The "Salento pitteddhe" are a gastronomic treasure that delights the palate in the heart of the splendid Salento region. These shortcrust tarts, rich in history and tradition, are a culinary excellence that embodies the warmth and love of local communities for good food.

Shortcrust pastry and jam, always home-made flavours

Their preparation is an art passed down from generation to generation. The shortcrust pastry base, made with wheat flour, butter and sugar, forms a crunchy shell that gently envelops the true star of this delight: the jam. Often prepared with local jams, such as fig or citrus jams, Salento pitteddhe, also known here and there as pittegge, explode with flavor with every bite.

A delicious souvenir to take home or buy online

These delicacies are not only a pleasure for the palate, but also embody the rich history of Salento cuisine. Pitteddhe are often prepared on special occasions, such as weddings or religious holidays, and are shared with friends and relatives as a sign of affection and joy.  Their presence in local markets and artisan pastry shops is a characteristic element of Salento, and often anyone who visits the region cannot resist taking home a box of these delights as a tasty souvenir.

As the modern world evolves, Salento pitteddhe continue to be an unchanged pillar in Salento culture and tradition. Their artisanal preparation and use of local ingredients demonstrate an ongoing commitment to preserving and celebrating the rich culinary heritage of this fascinating region.

Salento pitteddhe are not just shortcrust tarts filled with jam; they are a symbol of culinary identity, a bridge between past and present, a taste experience that transports anyone who tastes them directly into the dark traditions and welcoming atmospheres of Salento.

Information on the Salento pitteddhe

Salento pitteddhe are tarts with homemade jam. You can find them based on quince jam, grapes, figs, with citrus jam or other. Also known as star tarts, they are filled Salento sweets perfect for festive occasions or for breakfast or an everyday snack. They are "cousins" of the perhaps less well-known Salento chinuliddre or chinuliddhre, shortcrust pastry shells which instead of having the shape of a star, are shaped like little bags.