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Patè di olive celline Patè di olive celline sale
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Patè di olive celline

A rich and creamy pate of Celline olives, perfect for a tasty snack between meals, for a friselline-based party or as a base for a gourmet sandwich instead of the more classic mayonnaise. Good and healthy, it is prepared from the best Apulian Celline olives with the addition of a tear of extra virgin olive oil, also the superlative fruit of our land.

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Termite olives from Bitetto

A native Apulian variety cultivated in particular in the areas of Bitetto, Bitonto, Bitritto, Grumo Appula, Modugno, Palo del Colle, Sannicandro di Bari, Toritto. Natural fermentation for six months with salt. PRODUCT WITHOUT VINEGAR

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“Leccine” red olives

These olives are typical of our area and are picked between
October and November through hand-harvesting. Farmers
bring the olives in our farm where they are washed, selected
according to the size and put into water and salt for about
6 months in order to neutralize their bitter taste.

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Leccine olives with myrtle Leccine olives with myrtle sale
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Leccine olives with myrtle

A few fragrant myrtle leaves and a shower of the most fleshy and ripe Leccine olives for a product that you will no longer want to miss in your pantry. One leads to another, just like cherries: a specialty that the Apulian farmers have been handed down for generations and that we like to offer also to our loyal customers.

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Pitted leccine olives Pitted leccine olives sale
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Pitted leccine olives

Pitted Leccine olives in brine are a typical Apulian product belonging to the Apulian tradition that is widely used at the table as well as in the kitchen. To be enjoyed alone or used in various recipes according to imagination.

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Celline olives with myrtle Celline olives with myrtle sale
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Celline olives with myrtle

The unmistakable aroma of the most authentic Mediterranean ready to peep on your table and accompany you on a gustatory journey to the wildest and most unspoiled Puglia thanks to the touch of wild myrtle added to these extraordinary celline olives harvested when ripe and placed in a simple brine .

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Pitted celline olives Pitted celline olives sale
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Pitted celline olives

The classic celline olives proposed here in a very simple brine with the addition of the very convenient pitting. Flavor and comfort, especially where you want to create pizzas, focaccias, stewed dishes.

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Olives Bella from Cerignola

It is oval, quite large, of a beautiful intense and shiny green. On the palate it is savory, fleshy and juicy. La Bella di Cerignola is a typical cultivar of the homonymous area; olives are not used for oil, but are table olives. Natural fermentation for six months with salt. PRODUCT WITHOUT VINEGAR

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“Celline” black olives in brine

They are black olives typical of our area and are completely
picked in November through hand-harvesting.

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Green olives in brine Green olives in brine sale
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Green olives in brine

The Apulian aperitif would not be such without olives. So La Terra di Puglia offers you the classic green olives in brine, simple and fleshy, good for any occasion, ideal to be enjoyed at an aperitif or to create creative and imaginative dishes.

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