Olives Bella from Cerignola

Olives Bella from Cerignola

Her name is Bella di Cerignola and she is truly beautiful, in name and in fact. It is oval, quite large, of a beautiful intense green and shiny. On the palate it is tasty at the right point, fleshy and juicy. La Bella di Cerignola is a typical cultivar of the area of ​​the same name; the olives it produces are not used for oil, but are table olives. Natural fermentation for six months with salt. PRODUCT WITHOUT VINEGAR

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What type of olive is Bella di Cerignola? 

This cultivar is native to the Cerignola area, it is a very large olive, its origins are uncertain, according to some it derives from the cultivation of Orchite introduced by the Romans, according to other scholars it was introduced in 1400 by the Aragonese, in the years of the Spanish denomination.

Bella di Cerignola olives, information

Harvested strictly by hand, without the aid of mechanical means, it is characterized by rather large dimensions, an oval shape and a high pulp/stone ratio, it is crunchy, fresh and is ideal for enriching aperitifs. The typical flavor is obtained from a fermentation that takes place according to the ancient Sevillian method.

How to store La Bella di Cerignola olives?  

To preserve La Bella di Cerignola olives, it is advisable to pickle them or marinate them with oil, garlic and aromatic herbs. Cerignola olives, especially Bella di Cerignola olives, retain their flavor and freshness for a longer period if stored correctly.

What is grown in Cerignola?  

In Cerignola, olives are mainly grown, in particular the famous Cerignola olives. Among these, the most renowned are the Bella di Cerignola olives, also known as the Bella di Cerignola olive.

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