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Varietà di olive

Varietà di olive

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Paparina (wild vegetable) from Salento

Deliciously savory and rustic, the wild "paparine" are spontaneous herbs typical of Puglia. Coming from the poppy plant, they abound in the Apulian fields in spring and are very popular with everyone, young and old. Their collection, as well as their preparation and cooking, require a little patience. That's why we have decided to make them available to everyone and to shorten the time

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Confit Tomatoes

Confit cherry tomatoes preserved in extra virgin olive oil (49%), sugar and  whole salt has a unique taste. Try it out, at the moment at a great price!

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Olives Bella from Cerignola

It is oval, quite large, of a beautiful intense and shiny green. On the palate it is savory, fleshy and juicy. La Bella di Cerignola is a typical cultivar of the homonymous area; olives are not used for oil, but are table olives. Natural fermentation for six months with salt. PRODUCT WITHOUT VINEGAR

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Cream of turnip greens

LaTerradiPuglia turnip greens cream is a healthy and genuine product. The authentic flavour of Puglia's best turnip greens. Turnip greens, oil, salt and a tear of lemon for a result that makes simplicity the key to its success. PRODUCT WITHOUT VINEGAR

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Termite olives from Bitetto

A native Apulian variety cultivated in particular in the areas of Bitetto, Bitonto, Bitritto, Grumo Appula, Modugno, Palo del Colle, Sannicandro di Bari, Toritto. Natural fermentation for six months with salt. PRODUCT WITHOUT VINEGAR

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