We send our product 

We send the order usually the day after purchase if you choose payment method "Credit card or Paypal", the day after receipt of payment if you choose "Bank Transfer". For the delivery of our products you can choose the service you want from those available.

Cost of shipment

We focus particularly attention to the Europe market for this reason we gave a good price

United Kingdom, from 2021 VAT will never be applied to those who buy from UK, shipping costs start from € 38, for amounts exceeding € 150 of products, customs can apply 30 pounds of customs clearance.

Shipping abroad by courier 3/4 days

Here we list the various prices for abroad, we are not able to enter all the bands for reasons of space, taking into account that the bands are starting from 5kg and for 5kg, to be 100% sure of the costs we advise you to register, enter your address and you will find the exact cost in the cart.

  • France, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg from € 22 on 5kg bands
  • Holland starting from 25 euros
  • Switzerland from € 39 up to 5 kg
  • USA & Canada from 80 € up to 5kg

Once the cart is ready and the address has been entered, you will find the possibility to choose the courier, generally convenient DHL up to 30 kg and TNT after 30 kg.

* some couriers, especially for abroad, add a "covid supplement" of around € 2

To find out the shipping cost for your country, we recommend that you register and simulate the purchase by entering your address, in this way you can know exactly the price you will pay
We ship to all European countries, Switzerland and North America (USA & Canada), to which VAT is not applied, so once the shipping country has been registered and entered, the prices of all products will be deprived of Italian VAT, this can be interesting, given the slightly higher shipping prices for these countries.

FOREIGN express courier delivery 24 hours

For some European countries it is possible to use the DHL EXPRESS courier in 24 hours, recommended and used mainly for very fresh products such as dairy products, bread and focaccia.

  • France, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Holland starting from 41 € up to 3kg

The price is based on weight. In order to know your total shipping cost, please log in, enter your country and address and create your own cart. Our system will automatically calculate the cost on the basis of these data and then you will be able to decide whether to buy or not.

North America

We ship in USA & Canada, the costa start from 110€ until 10Kg

Delivery times depending from the country of delivery, and it can takes from 2 to 4 working days. Our partner for shipment service is TNT Curier.

Corriere Espresso

Il nostro corriere è Mailbox Etc. che in base al tipo di spedizione sceglie la migliore soluzione per far arrivare la merce a destinazione. I corrieri utilizzati sono:

  • TNT & SDA per le spedizioni NAZIONALI
  • FEDEX & DHL per le spedizioni all'ESTERO

Per qualsiasi di queste opzioni vi invieremo sempre e comunque il codice di tracking per seguire le vostre spedizioni al meglio, inoltre monitoriamo anche noi attraverso il nostro sito riceverai tutti gli alert.

Attraverso questa soluzione che riteniamo di alta qualità riusciamo a garantire tempistiche di spedizioni veloci, prezzi molto interessanti e soprattutto qualità nel trasporto della merce, infatti ad oggi non abbiamo mai avuto nessuna contestazione, ogni prodotto è arrivato integro.

Esempi di costi per l'estero, con possibilità di scegliere 2 corrieri per l'Europa con prezzi differenti, registrati inserisci il tuo indirizzo e scopri il costo

Ai prezzi possono essere aggiunte le spese amministrative, per altri paesi Europei o per altre fasce di prezzo consigliamo di registrarsi...

Consigliamo a tutti quanti di sfruttare al massimo le fasce di spedizione, in modo da riuscire ad ammortizzare al meglio il costo. Per fare questo una volta scelti i prodotti ed aggiunti al carrello potete andare nella pagina di riepilogo cliccando su "carrello" ed aggiungere o togliere semplicemente i prodotti, vedrete le spese di spedizione che in base al peso si modificheranno.

We pay particular attention to packaging of our specialties. To guarantee the perfect preservation and integrity of perishable products, we use when needed isothermal packaging for food use in polystyrene and dry ice technology "dryice", a gel in an envelope which allows to regulate the internal temperature of the containers to maintain the cold chain . You can also reuse the envelope of gel at home, storing it in the freezer. Proper storage is the first rule for satisfying sensory experience of the product and helps to enhance and typical characteristics of the same.

We offer a food product that is handmade. For this reason, the variability of weight of the products, in particular those in shear, is physiological. On the product page, we highlight the average weight indicative of the pack in stock at time of order. The actual weight of the product that will be sent to depart in the absence or in excess of the weight stated in the information.