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Apulian Frisella

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Friselline with olive oil

Puglian friselline with oil are an irresistible specialty perfect for any season. These small rings of toasted bread, crunchy and tasty, don't need to be soaked and are ideal for appetizers. Traditionally, they were the daily bread of Puglian farmers, topped with fresh tomatoes, arugula, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Today, they represent a refined delicacy within the Mediterranean diet.

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Puccia Salentina Puccia Salentina
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Bread "Puccia Salentina"

The puccia salentina, originating from Salento and created by Roman legionaries, is a versatile and tasty sandwich. The puccia pugliese recipe involves "reviving" it in the oven and filling it with sun-dried vegetables, preserved vegetables, tuna, Apulian caciocavallo cheese, and more. Perfect for quick meals, the puccia can be prepared in advance and brought for lunch. Alternatively, you can organize a puccia party, with various fillings in the center of the table, allowing each guest to personalize their own puccia salentina.

Attention: the price indicated refers to the package which contains 2.

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1 kg Barley Apulian Bread Frisa

Discover barley frisa, an authentic delight of the Apulian tradition, made with barley flour and cooked twice to obtain the perfect crunchy consistency. Ideal for creating fresh and tasty dishes, just soak it in water and season it with extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomatoes and your favorite additions. Perfect for a healthy and genuine diet, it brings the authentic taste of Southern Italy to your table.

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Multigrain Apulian Bread "Frisa"

The frisa is a small disk of dry bread that Salentine farmers used as a "packed lunch" in the fields. Thanks to its long shelf life, it did not need daily preparation. When ready to eat, farmers moistened it with some water and enjoyed it with tomatoes or cheese. Today, it is made with type "0" soft wheat flour, soy flour, corn flour, sesame seeds, flax seeds, soy granules, rye flour, oat flakes, salt, malted cereal flour, and dried sourdough.

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1 kg Durum Wheat Apulian Frisa

The most classic of the frize, the traditional one of durum wheat, available in a 1 kg package, the size of this frize is the slightly larger one with a diameter of about 8/10 cm. For the quantities available, see the bottom, it is possible to place orders greater than the quantities available.

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Durum Wheat Apulian Frisa 500gr

Friselle pugliesi are loaves cut in half and dried in the oven. In Puglia, frisa is a quintessential summer dish, enriched with oil, salt, and tomato. Variations like frise salentine and friselle leccesi each have their own recipe and variable calories, ideal for a balanced diet.

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Whole barley frisa 500gr

The wholemeal barley frisa is a pillar of Apulian cuisine, with a history dating back to when it was the bread of the poor. Made with 100% Apulian wheat and dried in a wood oven, frise are versatile and nutritious. Barley friselle are ideal for a light and healthy dinner, thanks to their beneficial properties and low-calorie content. Topped with fresh tomatoes, basil, and extra virgin olive oil, they bring the authentic flavor of Salento to your table.

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Apulian friselline with turmeric

The friselline pugliesi alla curcuma are a perfect snack for any occasion, combining Puglian tradition with an exotic touch. The friselline pugliesi alla curcuma are a perfect snack for any occasion, combining Puglian tradition with an exotic touch. These small crunchy delights, made with toasted bread and enriched with turmeric, offer not only a unique and slightly spicy taste but also health benefits thanks to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of turmeric. Ideal for an aperitif, they do not need to be soaked like larger frise, but can be enjoyed simply by adding chopped tomatoes or other preserves.

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Sponza frise

The "sponza frise" or in Italian the "bagna frise", is a bowl with a "platform" that covers half the upper part, useful for placing the frize after having wet them. The holes present allow the water to flow out and then season it. The diameter is approximately 22cm.

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Senatore Cappelli Durum Wheat Friselline

Savor the Authenticity of Senatore Cappelli Wheat Friselline. Delight your taste buds with crispy Senatore Cappelli wheat friselline. Simple yet flavorful, these delicacies embody authentic Apulian tradition. Discover the genuine taste of friselline and let yourself be captivated by their unique crunchiness.

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