Senatore Cappelli Durum Wheat Friselline

Senatore Cappelli Durum Wheat Friselline

Savor the Authenticity of Senatore Cappelli Wheat Friselline. Delight your taste buds with crispy Senatore Cappelli wheat friselline. Simple yet flavorful, these delicacies embody authentic Apulian tradition. Discover the genuine taste of friselline and let yourself be captivated by their unique crunchiness.


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faruna biologica di grano duro Senatore cappelli macinato a pietra, olio di oliva 14%, sale, lievito, acqua
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A Unique Experience from Apulia: Senatore Cappelli Wheat Friselline

Today, we introduce you to an authentic Apulian specialty, crunchy and delicious, perfect for any occasion: Senatore Cappelli wheat friselline. These delicacies, besides being incredibly flavorful, carry with them a rich history and tradition.

Discovering Senatore Cappelli Wheat Friselline

Senatore Cappelli wheat friselline are small rings of crispy bread, subjected to a double baking and enriched with the distinctive aroma of extra virgin olive oil. This process makes them extraordinarily crunchy and full of flavor, ideal for accompanying a wide range of dishes.

friselline all'olio di grano senatore cappelli

Friselline vs Frise: What Sets Them Apart?

Senatore Cappelli wheat friselline are denser than frise and can be enjoyed without the need to be immersed in liquids. Perfect for a quick snack or a tasty appetizer, they offer a crispy and satisfying experience.

The Nutritional Value of Senatore Cappelli Wheat

Senatore Cappelli wheat is an ancient and esteemed variety of durum wheat, admired for its exceptional nutritional and sensory qualities. Cultivated in Italy since the early 1900s, this cereal is known for its robustness and ability to thrive in Mediterranean climates. The use of this wheat gives the friselline a rich taste and an unmistakable texture, turning them into not only delicious but also healthy and authentic food.

Senatore Cappelli Wheat Friselline: A Journey Through Past and Present

In the past, friselline represented the daily bread of Apulian farmers, who enjoyed them seasoned with tomatoes, arugula, and a drizzle of olive oil. Today, these delights have become an icon of Mediterranean cuisine, appreciated worldwide for their unique taste and fascinating history.

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