Frisella pugliese di Grano

1 kg Barley Apulian Bread Frisa

Discover barley frisa, an authentic delight of the Apulian tradition, made with barley flour and cooked twice to obtain the perfect crunchy consistency. Ideal for creating fresh and tasty dishes, just soak it in water and season it with extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomatoes and your favorite additions. Perfect for a healthy and genuine diet, it brings the authentic taste of Southern Italy to your table.



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Farina di grano, acqua, sale, lievito naturale
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Barley frisa, also known as barley frisella, is a traditional dish of Apulian and Salento cuisine, appreciated for its simplicity and versatility. It is a type of biscuit bread, made mainly with barley flour, which is baked twice to obtain a crunchy and crumbly texture. Barley frisa is an ancient food, rooted in the peasant culture of Southern Italy, and represents a symbol of genuineness and authenticity.

Traditionally, frisa is prepared by kneading barley flour with water, yeast and a pinch of salt. After an initial cooking, the loaves are cut in half and baked again to obtain the characteristic dry and crunchy consistency. This double cooking process allows the frisa to be preserved for a long time, making it ideal for consumption during periods of work in the fields or during travel.

How to season barley frisa

Barley frisa lends itself to numerous culinary variations, but one of the most popular preparations is the one that involves soaking the frisa in water for a few minutes, until it reaches the right softness. Subsequently, it is seasoned with fresh tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, salt and oregano. Other ingredients, such as capers, olives, tuna or vegetables, can be added to enrich the dish according to personal taste.

Barley frisa nutritional facts

Barley frisa is a food that is not only tasty but also nutritionally advantageous. Rich in fibre, thanks to the predominant use of barley flour, it helps maintain good digestive health and promote a sense of satiety. Barley is also a precious source of B vitamins, essential for energy metabolism and the functioning of the nervous system. Furthermore, it contains minerals such as iron, magnesium, and phosphorus, which are essential for bone and muscle health. The protein content in barley frisa contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass, while the low glycemic index of barley makes this food also suitable for those who need to control blood sugar levels. Seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and fresh tomatoes, barley frisa becomes a balanced meal, rich in antioxidants and healthy fats, perfect for a balanced and healthy Mediterranean diet.

Barley frisa calories

Barley frisa is a relatively light food option, but its caloric density can vary depending on the size and ingredients used to accompany it. On average, a barley frise of around 50 grams provides around 150-170 calories. This value may seem moderate, but it's important to consider added toppings which, while they improve flavor and nutritional value, can significantly increase overall calorie intake. For example, adding extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomatoes, olives and tuna can add additional calories, making the meal more substantial. However, thanks to its fiber content and ability to fill you up, barley frisa can be an excellent choice for a balanced meal, especially if consumed in moderation and as part of a varied and balanced diet.

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