Rametti di origano locale

Sprigs of local oregano

Oregano is a wild plant that grows in Puglia, in particular this comes from Salento, from the Mediterranean coast that goes from Otranto to Leuca. It is shipped in twigs as harvested, the weight is about 50gr.



Origin area
Lecce / Salento
GMO Free
Handmade product
Organic farming
Imbustati dal peso totale di circa 40/50 gr
Short production line / 0 Km

During your holidays in Puglia and in particular in Salento, it will have happened to you, during a walk among the arid and inhospitable rocks that dot the entire coast and in particular the Adriatic coast, or on the side of the roads, to notice the presence of many oregano plants.

Here the oregano grows spontaneous and wild, and releases all its aromatic scent into the air, together with other aromatic herbs that we like to collect and bring to our kitchens, such as thyme or wild fennel.

In Salento, the oregano is collected and sold right by the roadside, by street vendors, or at the village greengrocers. It is sold and bought like this, in fragrant bunches. Many homes and kitchens are kept as it is, hung in the kitchen, as a decorative element ready to enter the pot where necessary. Many Salento, however, crumble it with their hands and place it in a cupboard, in a glass vase, so as to use it comfortably when needed.

There is no frisa, stuffed aubergine, peperonata, meatball, pittula, pizza, pepper that doesn't go well with a pinch of this delicious oregano from Salento, so genuinely irresistible, so naturally Mediterranean, so intense because it tastes of sun, sea and wind.

Try it too: our oregano will soon become the secret ingredient of your most successful recipes. That ingredient that you won't want to reveal to anyone and that will make every bite of your genuine homemade dishes absolutely irresistible.

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