Turnip greens in oil

Turnip greens in oil

The turnip top is somewhat of a symbol of the Puglia region and its gastronomic history. The turnip tops presented here are preserved in excellent extra virgin olive oil, with the addition of highly fragrant Mediterranean herbs.


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Lecce / Salento
GMO Free
Handmade product
Preservatives used
Organic farming
300 gr
turnip greens 64%, extra virgin olive oil 34%, salt, aromatic herbs in variable proportions: dried garlic, dried oregano, dried basil, spicy chilli powder, dried rosemary; acidity regulator: citric acid.
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Turnip greens in oil: good and simple, they really taste like Puglia

Turnip greens are somewhat of a symbolic ingredient of traditional Apulian cuisine and gastronomy. Their unique taste, slightly bitter and herbaceous and deliciously sweet at the same time, makes them truly versatile. Perfect in combination with the famous handmade Apulian orecchiette to create the first course which perhaps more than others symbolizes Puglia in the world, turnip tops lend themselves well to giving life to other combinations. With the sausage inside an irresistible Salento puccia, on pizza, or even as a light, healthy and tasty side dish alongside fish or meat second courses.

The Land of Puglia has chosen to cultivate, harvest and process these turnip greens one by one for you. And to put them in jars in excellent extra virgin olive oil, with the addition of delicious aromatic Mediterranean herbs. A simple product, these turnip tops in oil, with the right consistency, firm and full-bodied, to be used in the kitchen with imagination and versatility.

Turnip greens in oil The Land of Puglia: why choose them

Turnip greens are a bit like the "parsley" of Apulian cuisine. We have taken this statement a bit to the extreme, but it's true, turnip tops in Puglia are much loved and widespread. These turnip tops seasoned in the Apulian style are nothing other than the inflorescences of the turnip plant (before complete flowering) that La Terra di Puglia places and preserves for you in a vase with Apulian extra virgin olive oil.

La Terra di Puglia brand turnip greens in oil are healthy and safe. The product is sterilized and you can enjoy it simply as it is, or use it according to your imagination in the kitchen.

Information on Apulian turnip tops in oil

Zero preservatives and excellent Apulian turnip florets for a product that everyone really likes. As mentioned, turnip greens are the inflorescences of the turnip. The inflorescences usually turn yellow once flowering has taken place. In Puglia the florets are harvested before they turn yellow, when they are still green. We therefore collect them while still green one by one for the pleasure of our customers. To be tried according to your imagination in the kitchen or to be enjoyed as they are in a gourmet sandwich, alongside a second course of meat or fish, on pizza, or by preparing a pasta with turnip tops in oil, quick but very tasty.

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