Capocollo di Martina Franca

Capocollo from Martina Franca

The Martina Franca capocollo is one of the finest salamis in Italy, following a precise production disciplinary which includes local pork meat with the addition of salt and spices and a minimum of 120 days of seasoning. The size of the capocollo can vary from 450 to 600 grams.


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Origin area
GMO Free
Handmade product
500/550 gr
Suino, sale, pepe, vincotto, antiossidanti, conservanti, affumicato con legno di fragno
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The slices available for purchase are around 450 / 550 gr and are vacuum packed, if you are an operator and want to buy the entire piece contact us to know the wholesale price for a minimum purchase of 4kg.

Slow Food Presidium for over 10 years

The Martina Franca Capocollo of the Family has nothing to do with other types of capocollo and coppa even from the same area. Ours is a superlative product derived from the fact that we raise our pigs just as they once did, in the wild, free to draw from the Apulian undergrowth, made of tasty and aromatic herbs and delicious acorns. The attention we pay to the wellbeing of the animal and to its health is at the center of our activity, just as the satisfaction of the final consumer is at the center of our activity. A lot of love for our pigs and our work, good Pugliese air, spices, salt, excellent Fragno bark and a pinch of Vincotto are the secret recipe of the family's Capocollo. The result is an unmistakable product, which today the attentive and demanding consumer has learned to distinguish, recognize and love. It is no coincidence that Slow Food has decided to make it a presidium, in order to protect this product, regulate it and make it known throughout the world.

Nutritional table for 100gr
Kcal 301
Kj 1250
Proteins 19.7
Total carbohydrates 2.7
Zuccheri tot. 0.01
Salt (as Sodium x 2.5) 5.2
Ashes 5.0
Humidity 49.10
Fatty substance 23.47



Martina franca salami: flavors and traditions

In 1980 Giuseppe founded the homonymous Salumeria, where he devoted himself to the non-intensive breeding of pigs for the production of meat and sausages. Very soon joined by his son, Giuseppe devoted himself attentively to the production of Capocollo, a fine salami today that earned him the award of a Slow Food Presidium and many awards from the operators of the sector and the market itself. The Martina Franca Capocollo of the family is an exceptional product that the consumer is looking for and has learned to recognize today. You can buy it here, on the shop that is its official dealer, or, if you are in Martina Franca, go and taste it personally at the Rosso di Sera Braceria.


The Martina Franca Capocollo of the Family is a unique product of its kind for a series of factors that we are now going to list. Just as a sommelier with wine does, similarly it is possible to perform an olfactory, visual and gustatory examination of the Capocollo of Martina Franca, to discover its objective characteristics and also "capture" its history. That's it! In fact, on tasting, an expert taster will be able to understand that the pigs grew up in the wild, grazing among the trees of a genuine Apulian wood, and that they breathed fresh air. The color of the meat, its veins, its aroma are unmistakable and testify to a love for work and for the final product that has no equal in the area.

Breeding of pigs

Pig farming in Puglia has a long tradition. The family has been pursuing the local tradition of breeding pigs for several generations. The family pigs are all autochthonous specimens, which means that, unlike other companies that today are dedicated to the breeding of pigs for the production of meat or sausages in Puglia and in particular Martina Franca, does not buy or import from outside his bosses, but rather he grows them and raises them on the spot. The family farms do not have anything intensive: the pigs - just as they did in Puglia in the Middle Ages - live in the wild in an oak wood, where they are free to graze freely in the undergrowth and acorns. The company - which cares about animal welfare - offers pigs adequate food supplementation. Nothing in the life of pigs takes on a bloody, intensive and mechanized character; indeed, the family, thanks to its experience in the sector, offers a salami that is the fruit of a "human and careful" breeding. Slaughtering also plays a central role in the production of the Capocollo of Martina Franca: the family in fact chooses not to delegate the slaughtering of pigs to others, but to take care of them in person, controlling and managing all the phases, with an eye towards the welfare of the animal but also towards the hygienic standards that guarantee the well-being of the final consumer.

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