Caponata salad

Caponata salad

Caponatina di Verdure from Puglia, prepared with dried vegetables and olive oil, is ideal for a peasant appetizer. Versatile and genuine, it can be used to accompany meat or fish dishes, or to top a homemade pizza. Discover the authentic flavors of Salento with this delicious caponata.


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Origin area
Lecce / Salento
GMO Free
Handmade product
Preservatives used
Organic farming
300 gr
extra virgin olive oil 56%, partially rehydrated dried vegetables 32% (dried aubergines, dried onion, dried tomatoes, dried peppers, dried courgettes), wine vinegar, capers, pitted olives, oregano, sugar, salt
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La Cupa

Caponatina di Verdure Prepared in Puglia for You Following an Ancient and Genuine Recipe

Savor the authentic taste of summer with Caponatina di Verdure. This delicious mixed appetizer is made with a variety of sun-dried vegetables and immersed in top-quality Puglian olive oil. Carefully prepared, this summer caponata in extra virgin olive oil offers an exceptional mix of vegetables, including zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, yellow peppers, and onions, enriched with capers, olives, and exquisite Mediterranean aromatic herbs. A burst of color and flavors that will turn your appetizer into a moment of joy.

Caponatina di Verdure: Colorful, Fun, but Above All Genuine Side Dish

Each vegetable in the caponatina di verdure has been hand-processed and dried naturally under the warm Puglian sun. A touch of summer you can savor even during winter. But don't stop at the appetizer, because this caponatina is so versatile it can be used in many creative ways. Accompany your main courses of meat or fish with this delight, or use it to top a delicious homemade pizza. Bring all the taste and authenticity of the Puglian territory to your table with Caponatina di Verdure. A culinary experience that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Caponata: One Idea, a Thousand Interpretations

Caponata is a typical Sicilian recipe that has crossed regional borders, becoming one of the most loved and appreciated products by Italians on countless occasions throughout the year. We often find different versions and interpretations of the recipe: from Sicilian caponata to Molisan caponata, not forgetting the Aeolian caponata, and even Neapolitan caponata... Furthermore, some prefer to use only one vegetable and thus prepare zucchini caponata or eggplant caponata... everyone has their own tastes. La Terra di Puglia has chosen to prepare a flavorful and well-balanced version for you, with the aim of satisfying more palates at the same time, bringing to the table a true feast of colors and flavors.

Dried Vegetables and Salento Condiments: A Peasant Tradition

Among the various ingredients, the dried vegetables stand out: dried eggplants, dried onions, dried tomatoes, dried peppers, dried zucchinis. These vegetables are prepared using traditional methods, preserving all the authentic flavors of Salento. Used as a base for Caponatina di Verdure, these ingredients enhance the taste of the great appetizer of Salento, a real peasant appetizer. The Salento condiments and Salento seasonings add an extra touch, reviving the tradition and culture of the local peasants. Caponatina di Verdure thus becomes not only a tasty dish but also a tribute to Puglian tradition and the genuine flavors of the territory.

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