Pomodori essiccati al sole

Sun-dried tomatoes in oil

Making sun-dried tomatoes in oil at home is an excellent way to preserve the summer taste of tomatoes throughout the year. This process requires patience and attention, but the final result is a flavorful product that can be used in many recipes. You have probably wondered many times 'how to preserve sun-dried tomatoes in oil'. Well, since LaTerradiPuglia dries the tomatoes under the hot Puglian summer sun and our craft is all about making preserves just like homemade, we do it for you.

The product featured on this page is good, healthy, and safe. It's versatile in the kitchen and fun. All that's left is for you to try it."

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Pomodori Secchi Reidratati (65%), Olio Extravergine Di Oliva (30%), Capperi (3%), Aceto Di Vino, Olio, Sale, Erbe Aromatiche (origano, aglio). Correttore acidità, acido citrico.
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Sun-dried tomatoes in oil

The process of preserving sun-dried tomatoes in oil is a traditional practice that allows the rich flavor of tomatoes to be preserved even out of season. Sun-dried tomatoes in oil are a versatile condiment used in numerous Italian cuisine recipes.

Recipe for sun-dried tomatoes in oil

Preparing sun-dried tomatoes in oil requires several fundamental steps. First and foremost, it is important to choose ripe, high-quality tomatoes. After washing and drying them, they are cut in half, salted, and placed in the sun to dry. Once dried, the tomatoes are immersed in extra virgin olive oil, often with the addition of flavors such as garlic, oregano, aromatic herbs, and capers to enhance their flavor.

How to make sun-dried tomatoes in oil

Sun-dried tomato recipes, how many exist? Perhaps countless, although there are some fundamental steps to obtaining a healthy, delicious, and safe product. The drying process of tomatoes can be done in various ways: in the sun, in the oven, or with a food dehydrator. The key is to ensure that the tomatoes lose all moisture, thus preventing mold formation once preserved in oil. Subsequently, the sun-dried tomatoes should be sterilized to eliminate any bacteria before being placed in jars with oil.

How to store sun-dried tomatoes in oil

Once prepared, sun-dried tomatoes in oil must be stored properly to maintain their quality and safety. It is essential to use sterilized glass jars and store the tomatoes in a cool, dark place. The presence of olive oil acts as a protective barrier against oxidation and bacterial contamination.

Recipes with sun-dried tomatoes in oil

Jarred sun-dried tomatoes are a very versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. They can be added to salads, pasta, bruschetta, or used as a seasoning for meats and fish. Recipes that include them often exploit their intense and concentrated flavor to enrich dishes with a touch of Mediterranean authenticity.

Preservation of dried cherry tomatoes

In addition to traditional sun-dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes or dried cherry tomatoes in oil can also be preserved in oil. This type of preserve follows the same drying and storage process but uses cherry or datterino tomatoes, which offer a sweet and concentrated flavor, perfect for flavoring salads and appetizers.

Preparation of sun-dried tomatoes in oil

For optimal preparation of sun-dried tomato preserves, it is important to follow some precautions: choose ripe tomatoes, avoid excess salt during drying, and use high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Added flavors such as garlic, oregano, and Mediterranean herbs should be fresh and well cleaned to ensure long preservation and excellent flavor.

FAQs about sun-dried tomatoes in oil

How to rehydrate sun-dried tomatoes?

Soak the sun-dried tomatoes in lukewarm water for 30 minutes until they become soft. You can add a little vinegar to the water for additional flavor.

How to soften sun-dried tomatoes?

In addition to soaking in lukewarm water, you can immerse them in a solution of water and vinegar for increased softness and flavor.

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