Sun-dried cherry tomatoes

Sun-dried cherry tomatoes

Sun-dried cherry tomatoes in oil are a unique product from Salento. Cultivated, harvested, and processed by hand, these dried tomatoes from Salento offer an unparalleled taste experience. Ideal for appetizers, pizzas, bruschetta, and pasta dishes, cherry tomatoes dried in oil are the perfect choice for those who want to bring the best of Mediterranean tradition to the table.


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Lecce / Salento
GMO Free
Handmade product
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Organic farming
300 gr
rehydrated dried cherry tomatoes 52%, extra virgin olive oil 44%, vinegar, salt
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Sun-Dried Cherry Tomatoes in Oil: A Summer Treasure in a Jar

Cherry tomatoes are perhaps the most beautiful, colorful, sweet, and delicious gift summer can offer us. And we decided to capture that summer joy in a beautiful jar, for those who want to savor it even in winter. Our sun-dried cherry tomatoes are cultivated, harvested, selected, washed, cut, and sun-dried by hand. The wonderful Salento sun does the rest, and to complete it all, we add a generous pour of extra virgin olive oil and many fragrant Mediterranean spices. The result is a dried tomato that is still pleasantly fleshy, very sweet, and irresistible. We won't hide that our sun-dried cherry tomatoes are just like fresh tomatoes: you can't stop at just one!

The Traditional Drying Process

Cherry tomatoes are planted in April and hand-picked in July. All the stages take place within our farm. The tomatoes are harvested, washed, selected, manually cut, salted, and dried on frames for 4-5 days. Then they are selected again, washed, seasoned with Mediterranean spices, and jarred in extra virgin olive oil. Even today, we use this traditional method passed down from our grandfather. To obtain 800 grams of dried cherry tomatoes, about 10 kg of fresh cherry tomatoes and over 130 hours of labor are required!

The Versatile Use of Dried Cherry Tomatoes

Sun-dried cherry tomatoes are tantalizing, fragrant, and perfect for impressing your guests from the appetizer. They are excellent with fresh mozzarella, on pizza, on bruschetta with Racale capers, or with fresh basil to dress a quick and tasty pasta. Even top chefs have noticed the versatility of this product and are increasingly using it to create extraordinary dishes. From natural dried tomatoes to seasoned dried tomatoes, the range of applications is wide and surprising.

The Uniqueness of Dried Tomatoes from Salento

Our dried cherry tomatoes come exclusively from Salento, a region famous for the quality of its dried tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes dried in oil are those tomatoes that, after being sun-dried, are preserved in extra virgin olive oil, maintaining their flavor and texture. The dried tomatoes from Salento are known for their sweetness and their ability to enrich any dish, from simple salads to more elaborate gourmet recipes.

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