Taralli with celline olives and capers

Taralli with celline olives and capers

The Apulian handmade taralli with leccino olives and capers a classic taste of the Apulian tradition. Already at the first taste, they take us to the heart of the Apulian countryside, where we like to imagine ourselves in an expanse of sun-kissed olive trees, in the middle of summer, and here and there to see, among the dry stone walls, some seedlings of caper. From the emotion of this rural and typically Apulian atmosphere, the idea of creating a tarallino that really has the flavor of Apulian rural life was born. Taste with us the taralli with celline olives and capers: all the best of the Apulian raw material that turns into pure emotion at the first taste.


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300 gr
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TYPE 00 WHEAT FLOUR, white WINE, high oleic sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil 6%, Celline olives from Salento 5%, capers 3%, salt
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Laterradipuglia Taralli

Discovering the raw material: celline olives and capers

As always, La Terra di Puglia goes in search of the best raw material that can be found in the area. Intense, authentic and typically local flavours. Raw materials such as flour, oil, wine, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, oregano, capers, but also wild herbs, citrus fruits, almonds and so on and so forth, which we like to draw from right under the house. And once again, the ingredients present in these Apulian taralli with celline olives and capers are no different.

Celline olives

Celline olives are the fruit of a typical and autochthonous cultivar of the Puglia region and in particular of Salento. You have surely heard of the Nardò cellina. Nardò is an enchanting town located in the lower Salento, which gives its name to this native Apulian cultivar. From the cellina di Nardò an excellent oil is produced, which needs no introduction and which is much loved by olive oil connoisseurs throughout Italy. It is a monocultivar oil, i.e. produced exclusively using Celline olives.

However, it is also possible and frequent to mix different cultivars: the cellina di Nardò performs very well even in the context of a blend with other types of olives. As for the characteristics of these olives, they are small olives, of an intense black color and with a pasty and rich texture. They are also often appreciated as table olives. It is no coincidence that even here on the pages of our online shop of typical Apulian products you will find celline olives natural or with myrtle, ready to be the protagonists of your aperitifs or to find a place on pizzas, focaccias, cooked vegetables and other traditional or imaginative recipes.

Naturally, La Terra di Puglia also chooses and selects the best Leccine olives for its baked goods, including the Apulian taralli with celline olives and capers.

The capers

A few words now about capers. The caper plant is a spontaneous plant that moves from country to country and from house to house just like the wind does, it lands and is born luxuriant and elegant. It is a weed, to such an extent that if you notice it here and there near some low wall or near the house, you will not easily be able to eliminate it completely. But there is no reason to do so either, since it is a plant of truly remarkable beauty.

Wait for its flowering: you will be enchanted by the beauty of its flowers! Moreover, the caper plant has no particular pretensions or requests: it manages to grow and become luxuriant and wonderful even where the stone is dry and there seems to be no shadow of earth, water or life. Let her do it: if she has chosen you, reward her and let her embellish your places.

Try the Apulian taralli with celline olives and capers from La Terra di Puglia

That said, La Terra di Puglia collects the best wild capers one by one and uses them precisely for its best baked goods, such as the tarallini proposed in this table. They are handcrafted products, the result of a careful selection of olives, capers, but also of flour and all the other ingredients. They are, in fact, those products that we like to munch on in Puglia at any time of the day. And that we make every day with the ancient and simple gestures that we have handed down from family to family. Try our tarallini with celline olives and capers too. You will discover all the flavor of the most authentic Puglia right from the first taste.

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