Taralli with raisins and onions

Taralli with raisins and onions

The handmade onion and raisin taralli are a particularly tasty and interesting variant compared to other types of more classic Apulian taralli. Try this combination too: you will see that it will win you over. The typical sweetness of the onion, with its earthy aftertaste and its not at all pungent scent, combined with the raisins, aromatic, delicate and almost caramelised, give the tarallo fragrance an unexpectedly surprising, pleasant and interesting touch like never before. It will be love at first taste.


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GMO Free
Handmade product
300 gr
Contains sulfites
TYPE 0 and 00 WHEAT FLOUR, white WINE, high oleic sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil 6%, raisins 5%, chopped onion 1%, salt.
Short production line / 0 Km
Laterradipuglia Taralli

In the beginning it was the Apulian tarallo...

The Apulian taralli are - in Puglia - a real institution. It's not about the occasional taste. In Puglia the taralli appear on the tables of families every day. A bit like it happens for olive oil. For this reason in Puglia we like to range between different flavors and aromas from time to time. And so it happens that sometimes you prefer the classic Apulian tarallini with white wine or fennel, while other times you prefer to bring something different to the table. For this reason La Terra di Puglia has developed other types of taralli in addition to the great classics: with chilli pepper, multigrain, turmeric and chia seeds....and onion and raisins. The combination is really interesting and satisfies, as mentioned, the desire to vary with respect to tradition. Obviously, if we talk about tradition, it is important to specify that the tarallo dough, the choice of raw materials and the preparation method are always the classic and typical Apulian ones. As you know, the artisanal Apulian taralli are boiled taralli. Boiling is always a fundamental step for the success of the product, and La Terra di Puglia is particularly keen on it.

So, don't worry: even if sometimes we like to make some forays into modern flavors and unexpected or more original combinations, the root of our work always remains tradition. Nothing is left to chance: the choice of local raw materials and the steps for preparing the products (respectful of raw materials and waiting times) always remain fundamental for us.

Onion and raisins: an always welcome combination

Onion and raisins is an interesting and tasty combination that can also be found elsewhere in the Italian gastronomic tradition. From Venetian sardines in saor to Sicilian beccafico sardines, the combination of raisins and onions is always particularly appreciated by Italians. A round and enveloping combination, capable of combining sweet and salty at the right point, intense and aromatic. Even if you are not an onion lover, we advise you to try these Apulian taralli: they will not disappoint your expectations and indeed they will become a real must in your pantry!

La Terra di Puglia is your online shop of Apulian taralli

If Apulian taralli are your passion, La Terra di Puglia is the shop for you: there you will find a rich catalog of taralli from Puglia, both sweet and savoury. Among the savory taralli you will find a particularly wide range of proposals: turmeric and chia seeds, chilli, Mediterranean, cereals, cacio e pepe, burnt wheat and many more. Among the desserts, it is impossible not to try the tarallini with almonds, the glazed taralli, the chocolate and almond taralli and much more.

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