Taralli with turmeric and chia seeds

Taralli with turmeric and chia seeds

The tarallini with turmeric and chia seeds fully satisfy our desire to taste a baked product that is fragrant and aromatic at the same time. The combination of chia seeds and turmeric is a winner, very fragrant and not overwhelming at all. An inviting aroma that satisfies everyone, even children. Try them: their intense yellow color gives good humor and energy right from the first taste. An original proposal under the La Terra di Puglia brand that aims to pamper even the most demanding palates and those most eager for innovative but high quality products.


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GMO Free
Handmade product
300 gr
Contains sulfites
Flour mix (chia seeds, flax seeds, turmeric 15%, malted WHEAT flour), type 00 WHEAT flour, white WINE, high oleic sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil 6%, salt.
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Laterradipuglia Taralli

La Terra di Puglia taralli with turmeric and chia seeds bring a good mood to the table

Thanks to their intense yellow color and their look halfway between the exotic and the Mediterranean, these handcrafted Apulian taralli satisfy even our very demanding customers. We refer to those customers who are constantly looking for quality and original Apulian craftsmanship. The tarallo must be prepared in a workmanlike manner, the raw materials are carefully selected, the method of preparation must be the ancient one that our grandmothers used. However, the desire to bring tradition to the table and to have it in the pantry is also counterpointed by a little desire for novelty, as it should be. It is for this reason that the taralli with the Terra di Puglia brand offer, alongside the classic flavours, also some original and different flavors and combinations. Today it's the turn of turmeric and chia seed taralli: a particularly tasty idea, perfect for those looking for a spicy flavor that is not overwhelming or demanding. These turmeric and chia seed taralli

What is turmeric

Turmeric is a plant of Asian origin of which the rhizome is used, that is the part that resides under the earth. Kind of like ginger. A powdered spice is obtained which is widely used in oriental and Middle Eastern cuisine. Its color is a bright and intense orange, which makes the dishes uniquely colourful. Turmeric has many properties, especially anti-inflammatory and antioxidants. It is very rich in vitamins and mineral salts. Among the vitamins we cannot fail to mention vitamin A, B6, C, vitamin K, but also calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron and many other very precious nutrients.

In short, in addition to having an intense, very pleasant aroma, scented with the Orient and spices, and a color full of energy capable of flooding our hearts with good humor, turmeric is also an ingredient capable of bringing a lot of well-being to our body. But we also know chia seeds, another ingredient of these artisanal Apulian taralli.

What are chia seeds

Chia seeds are precisely the seeds of Chia or Salvia Hispanica, a plant native to Mexico and Guatemala. The sage we know in the West and mint also belong to the same family. In addition to being tasty, these seeds are very rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6. Thanks to these macronutrients, chia seeds are perfect for controlling inflammation, preventing cardiovascular diseases and also keeping the nervous system healthy.

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