"Cheese and black pepper" Handmade taralli

"Cheese and black pepper" Handmade taralli

The combination of cheese and pepper is a great Italian classic to which La Terra di Puglia wanted to pay homage by creating a unique baked product of its kind, aromatic, fragrant and tasty. Who doesn't love cacio e pepe spaghetti? Today the same desire for taste and flavor returns overwhelmingly to the fore in these fragrant and fragrant taralli like never before. Try them! Serve them as an aperitif during a dinner with friends, perhaps together with traditional Italian cured meats: you will surely make a great impression and leave your guests speechless. Even the most demanding.


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GMO Free
Handmade product
300 gr
Contains sulfites
TYPE 00 WHEAT FLOUR, white WINE, high oleic sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil 6%, salt, pecorino cheese 3%, pepper 0.3%, cacio e pepe mixture
Nutritional info
Short production line / 0 Km
Laterradipuglia Taralli

Taralli cacio e pepe: craving for typical Italian flavors at the first bite

The cacio e pepe taralli bring to the table all the fragrance of an entirely Apulian idea - the taralli, in fact - combined with a gastronomic idea that is typical of Lazio. Sometimes it's also nice to make some contamination and go in search of regional specialties from other areas of Italy, in order to capture all the best and merge it into a new and unique idea. And that's what La Terra di Puglia has done with these tarallini, which make an ideal trip to Lazio and then return to Puglia for us. The resulting product is a cacio e pepe tarallino: fragrant, savory, very fragrant, dedicated to lovers of the cornerstones of Made in Italy gastronomic culture. A tribute that Puglia pays to the rest of Italy and that our customers have appreciated and welcomed without hesitation.

Cacio e pepe, simplicity always wins

The land of Puglia has learned an important lesson: the one according to which simplicity always wins. It is no coincidence that some great classics of Made in Italy gastronomy have in turn made the history of world gastronomy. And they have left their mark, even as other more elaborate creations have tried to make their way overtaking them. Just think of the caprese salad - a very simple combination of tomato and mozzarella; or pesto alla genovese, born from the observation of a very simple bunch of fresh basil. And what about carbonara, cacio e pepe (precisely) or other cornerstones of Italian gastronomy? The basis is always in simplicity. A lesson that the land of Puglia has learned and fully understood. La Terra di Puglia taralli cacio e pepe are the result of this very simple but fundamental observation not only of Apulian gastronomy, but of Made in Italy as a whole.

Ideas and pairings for taralli cacio e pepe

Let's see immediately how to taste and combine these delicious, original and witty taralli cacio e pepe. Here are some interesting ideas:

  • as part of a themed dinner, from Lazio or Puglia
  • as an aperitif, with a dry white Apulian wine, served chilled, or with a slightly sparkling rosé
  • as part of an Italian antipasto, served with cured meats and cold cuts of the great Italian butcher tradition, Apulian pickles, leccine or celline olives

or you can take them to the beach, to the mountains, on a trip, to work, to school

La Terra di Puglia online shop of typical Apulian products

La Terra di Puglia taralli cacio e pepe are a fun, delicious and extremely versatile idea. We also remind you that in the La Terra di Puglia catalog you will find a wide range of savory taralli and sweet taralli perfect for all your cravings and delicious moments. And then there is the Apulian oil, the Apulian red, rosé, white or even sparkling wine, and then again the Apulian pickles, aromatic and spontaneous herbs, jams, traditional desserts and much more.

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