Almond biscuits

Almond biscuits

Apulian almond biscuits are small, crunchy and light delights made even more special by the presence of Salento almonds, aromatic and irresistible. They are also very versatile: try them with milk, tea or a good fortified wine, such as a passito. They are perfect both for soaking and enjoying plain. They are, in a certain sense, the cousins ​​of perhaps the most famous cantuccini. In Puglia everyone enjoys them and keeps them in the pantry: they are a true classic of Apulian gastronomy. We offer them to you in two formats available: 400g and 225g.

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Origin area
Lecce / Salento
Handmade product
Farina di grano tenero tipo "0", zucchero, uova, mandorle, burro, latte, lievito in polvere, aroma limone, vanillina
Laterradipuglia Dolci

Almond biscuits: a crunchy delight

The tradition of almond biscuits

Almond biscuits are a timeless delight of Italian pastry making. Known for their rich flavor and crunchy texture, these biscuits are enjoyed throughout the seasons. A single almond cookie can evoke childhood memories and moments of celebration.

Varieties and versions of biscuits

There are many variations of almond biscuit, each with its own unique characteristic. From simple versions to more elaborate almond biscuits, there is a recipe for every taste. Some prefer biscuits with whole almonds, which offer a crunchier texture, while others opt for almond biscuits, smaller and perfect for accompanying a cup of tea or coffee.

Special occasions and health benefits

During the Christmas holidays, Christmas almond biscuits are a must on Italian tables. Not only are they delicious, but they are also considered healthy biscuits thanks to the nutritional properties of almonds. Each almond biscuit is rich in vitamins and minerals, making almond biscuits a healthy and tasty choice for any occasion. There are also variations such as health biscuits, which combine taste with wellness benefits.

A crunchy delight

For those who love texture, crunchy almond biscuits are perfect. These biscuits offer a unique crunch that satisfies the palate. Similarly, dry almond biscuits and dry almond desserts are ideal for those looking for a simple but tasty dessert, capable of lasting a long time without losing flavor and fragrance.

In conclusion, whether it is a simple almond biscuit or more sophisticated biscuits with almonds, each variety brings with it a piece of the rich Italian tradition. Perfect for any occasion, these biscuits not only delight the palate, but also provide health benefits thanks to nutritious almonds.

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