Sweet and sour peppers

Sweet and sour peppers

There is nothing better than a taste of sweet and sour peppers to brighten up a family lunch or dinner. Fleshy, pulpy, colourful, these peppers grown by Apulian farmers every summer with patience and love bring to the table the excellent flavor that characterizes these vegetables enhanced by the aroma of a perfectly balanced sweet and sour dressing. Try them!


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Lecce / Salento
GMO Free
Handmade product
Organic farming
300 gr
Contains sulfites
peppers 70%, extra virgin olive oil 27%, wine vinegar (contains SULPHITES), sugar, salt.
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Sweet and sour peppers to preserve: tasty, fun and colorful typical Apulian products

Sweet and sour peppers to preserve are a culinary delight that enchants the palate thanks to their perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. This dish is an excellent representation of how cuisine can combine contrasting flavors into a harmonious gustatory symphony.

This dish is popular in many food cultures around the world, but is particularly associated with Italian cuisine, where it is known as "sweet and sour peperonata." Sweet and sour peperonata is often prepared during holidays and special occasions, but it is equally appreciated as an everyday dish. Naturally there is no tomato puree or sauce, but it is a product based only on peppers.

The basic preparation of Grandma's sweet and sour peppers recipe involves cooking peppers, usually of various colors for an attractive presentation, in a sweet and sour sauce made from ingredients such as sugar and vinegar. The sweetness comes from the sugar, while the sourness is provided by the vinegar. This combination creates a thick, flavorful sauce that envelops the peppers, giving them a unique and delicious flavor.

La Terra di Puglia offers excellent sweet and sour peppers without cooking, perfect for any occasion

However, there is also a version of sweet and sour peppers without cooking, which is the one proposed here by La Terra di Puglia: tasty, tasty, crunchy at the right point, it is an excellent, colorful and tasty side dish for meat and fish dishes. Its versatility makes it a popular choice in the kitchen.

Ultimately, sweet and sour peppers are a celebration of how cuisine can bring opposite flavors together into a delicious combination. This dish has its roots in the culinary traditions of different cultures and is a pleasure for the palate that is worth exploring and enjoying.

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