Chili peppers from Salento

Chili peppers from Salento

This product is handmade with care and love starting from the ripest spicy cornetti peppers and subsequently jarred in extra virgin olive oil. A unique condiment to give liveliness to any dish.


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Origin area
Lecce / Salento
GMO Free
Organic farming
300 gr
Hot peppers (65%), extra virginolive oil (30%), apple cidervinegar, unrefined seasalt,lemon juice.
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Spicy Salento peppers are a product of great versatility. The jar of hot Salento chili peppers must never be missing from your table, to the delight of spicy lovers! In fact, these chillies, spicy at the right point and in a pleasant "chopped" format, allow you to give character and liveliness to any dish, whether in preparation or already finished. You can in fact add a teaspoon - but also just their oil - to your fried foods, your stewed meats, your preparations of any kind such as pasta, meat or even fish. Or, alternatively, leave the jar at the disposal of your guests, who can therefore use it as they see fit, adding flavor to dishes of cooked vegetables, cheeses, pasta or anything else on the spot. Spicy lovers would put spicy everywhere! We like these chillies very much in legume-based soups, in minestrone, in "arrabbiata" pasta, but also on the traditional Salento frisa. All you have to do is try them!

Information on spicy Salento peppers in extra virgin olive oil

A one-of-a-kind product dedicated to spicy lovers. It is well known that spicy food is an excellent vasodilator, capable of protecting us from cardiovascular diseases and making us feel good for a long time. Try these spicy Salento peppers too: you will no longer be able to do without them for the right degree of spiciness that does not "burn" the palate and which characterizes any dish intelligently and without overdoing it.

Spicy Salento chili peppers in extra virgin olive oil represent an authentic delight for palates who love spiciness and wish to experience the authentic flavors of the cuisine of Salento, a region in the southern tip of Italy famous for its rich and exciting culinary tradition. These spicy and colorful fruits are an essential element in many local recipes, giving a touch of liveliness and unique flavor to traditional dishes.

Spicy Salento chili peppers are a variety of chili pepper particularly appreciated for their intense spiciness and fruity taste. The climatic conditions of Salento, with its Mediterranean climate, contribute to giving Salento chili peppers a distinctive flavor. These small fruits are grown in small plots of land, often managed by local farmers who have passed down this tradition for generations.

Hot Salento chili peppers are an important culinary legacy that adds a touch of passion and spiciness to the cuisine of Salento. If you are a spicy lover, you cannot visit this fascinating Italian region without savoring the dishes that come to life thanks to these extraordinary spicy fruits.

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