Handmade Taralli Pizzaiola Flavour

Handmade Taralli Pizzaiola Flavour

If in Italy pizza is a great little institution capable of making everyone agree, we can also say the same of everything that tastes like pizza and pizza maker. And these handmade Apulian taralli are no different. Try with us all the goodness of La Terra di Puglia's handmade taralli alla pizzaiola: oregano and tomato bring to your palate all the emotion and desire for a dip in the most authentic Mediterranean. It will be love at first taste.


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Handmade product
300 gr
Type 0&00 flour, white wine, high oleic sunflower oil, EVO oil 6%, tomato, onion, capers, Celline olives, chilli pepper, oregano, salt
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Laterradipuglia Taralli

In the beginning it was the pizza maker

"Pizzaiola", that simple word which however hides behind it a range of emotions capable of cheering up the body, the palate and the spirit. Well yes, because we Italians are like this, we have a weakness for everything that has to do with the great flavors of Italy: pizza, tomato, oregano, mozzarella, basil are those few simple ingredients that describe our country and that they make even the least greedy of Italians greedy. So La Terra di Puglia has chosen to bring this vein of Italian spirit and gluttony into its Apulian tarallini too. Oregano, tomato, salt and pepper, and it's immediately a party.

The taralli alla pizzaiola bring joy and good humor at any time of the day

The taralli alla pizzaiola La Terra di Puglia satisfy your desire for goodies and typically Mediterranean flavors at any time of the day. They are perfect for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon break: you can take them to work or give them to your children as a healthy snack for school. Children usually love them for their taste which actually reminds of a nice freshly made margherita pizza and the typical flavors of home. Buy them for yourself too: they are perfect to be taken to work or to be opened at aperitif time. We advise you to combine the Apulian taralli alla pizzaiola with a good rosé wine from Salento. Or, if it's an appetizer, you can serve them with some Apulian pickles. As you know, La Terra di Puglia also produces excellent Apulian pickles, starting with the best vegetables that mother earth has to offer.

Oregano and tomato, the winning combination

In the context of Italian cuisine - widely loved and imitated all over the world - there are a number of combinations which always work very well. And that drive everyone crazy: let's think of the combination of cheese and pepper (which we remind you again as the protagonist in the Apulian taralli with cheese and pepper proposed in the La Terra di Puglia catalog), of the one between tuna and onion, potatoes and rosemary, tomato and basil, tomato and mozzarella, tomato and oregano. Indeed, very often the tomato is the protagonist: we find it the protagonist in various combinations all Italian because we Italians are like this, if we see "red" we immediately get in a good mood. Of course, and as always, La Terra di Puglia chooses the best local tomatoes and the most fragrant oregano for you. Oregano grows wild here and there in Puglia, and we like to collect and dry it for you. Would you like a bunch? It is available to you on the pages of this shop! We shell it by hand like your grandparents did, and put some of it in these Apulian taralli. The result is excellent: the Apulian tomato and the local oregano, grown right by the sea like us, give our baked goods a unique, authentic, intense and Mediterranean flavour. To try!

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