Taralli with extra virgin olive oil

Taralli with extra virgin olive oil

Also known as the green gold of Puglia, extra virgin olive oil is an exceptional product that should never be missing from our tables. In addition to being undoubtedly good (who can't resist a small piece of fresh bread soaked in a little olive oil, at any time of the day?), it is also a real panacea for the whole family. We find it today as the protagonist of these artisanal Apulian taralli, which thanks to the presence of the green gold of Puglia - precisely - acquire an intense, round, pleasant and irresistible flavour. Try them too: they are a great classic much loved by the whole family.


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GMO Free
Handmade product
300 gr
Contains sulfites
WHEAT FLOUR TYPE "0&00", white WINE 15%, high oleic sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil 8%, salt.
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Laterradipuglia Taralli

Extra virgin olive oil, also known as the green gold of Puglia

It is the green gold of Puglia and it is truly an extraordinary product. Just think, in Puglia there are the beauty of 9.5 million olive trees and this translates into 300 quintals of olives for oil per hectare. An impressive number of trees which translates into an equally impressive quantity of olives and liters of oil. Precious oil, which is still made today with a nod to tradition and taking into account the knowledge of the Apulian farmers and their ancestors. All phases, from the olive harvest to the bottling of the extra virgin olive oil, are carried out with care and love. The types of Apulian oil are different, so much so that from north to south we find different areas of production of olive oil (Brindisi, Dauno, Terra di Bari, Terre d'Otranto, Terre Tarentine) and different cultivars (ogliarola, cellina ..). We will also find blends or monocultivars, organic oils or not, in short, the offer is not unique. But, in general, Apulian oil really has a completely different flavour. Seeing is believing. Today La Terra di Puglia brings the best quality olive oil to its Apulian taralli and makes it the protagonist. The result is a very tasty and fragrant tarallino, fragrant and greedy.

Don't forget, however, that olive oil is a particularly powerful natural antioxidant. It contains a very high quantity of polyphenols, natural antioxidants capable of bringing innumerable benefits to our body. Antioxidants are essential because they protect us from free radicals and cellular aging. The cells remain young and incur less in the typical pathologies linked to the passing of time such as cataracts, just to give an example. Furthermore, olive oil helps to keep the arteries clean and to exert a protective action on the cardiovascular system.

Handmade Apulian Taralli with extra virgin olive oil

Together with the Apulian taralli with fennel and the Apulian taralli with white wine, these Apulian taralli with olive oil represent the great classics of tradition. The art of baking triumphs in Puglia in the production of frize, friselle, taralli and tarallini. And among the most commonly used ingredients we find white wine, fennel seeds and Apulian oil. The Apulian oil present in this product is the best you can find on the market: flavour, health and well-being for a decidedly inviting and delicious final product. A passepartout that needs no introduction, perfect for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, for a lunch break, an aperitif or an appetizer. You can also take these handcrafted Apulian tarallini with you on a trip, to school, to work, to the beach or to the mountains.

Apulian Taralli online shop: its name is La Terra di Puglia

La Terra di Puglia is your online shop of typical Apulian products specialized in baked goods and artisan taralli. Have you ever heard of boiled Apulian taralli? Ours are made exactly according to the traditional recipe. Browse our rich catalog and get ready to taste!

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