Frisella pugliese di Grano

Durum Wheat Apulian Frisa 500gr

Friselle pugliesi are loaves cut in half and dried in the oven. In Puglia, frisa is a quintessential summer dish, enriched with oil, salt, and tomato. Variations like frise salentine and friselle leccesi each have their own recipe and variable calories, ideal for a balanced diet.


Quantity available: 5
Origin area
Lecce / Salento
500 gr
Remilled durum wheat semolina 100% from Puglia, salt, natural yeast, water
Suitable for
Short production line / 0 Km

The Tradition of Frisella Pugliese

Tradition dictates that frise are dried completely in a wood oven for many hours until they reach the consistency typical of every baker. In Puglia, it's not summer unless you occasionally (or even frequently) have dinner with frisa. But let's take a step back. Do you all know what a frisa is? It is a loaf cut horizontally in half and dried in the oven: you can find it made of wheat or barley, depending on your taste. Here is a video of how frisella is made.

The Frisella Pugliese: A Bread for Every Occasion

Frisella pugliese was once the bread of the poor, always good, set aside for hard times and revived simply with a little water. Back then, a frisa, some oil, salt, and a tomato were enough for dinner. Today, frise are a beloved dish and are enjoyed in many variations. Frise di grano are among the most appreciated for their versatility and flavor. Every frisa pugliese tells a story of tradition and simplicity.

Friselle Pugliesi: Varieties and Recipes

Friselle pugliesi are much more than just dry bread. There are numerous variations, such as frise salentine and friselle leccesi, each with its own recipe. Frise salentine ricetta are particularly appreciated for their combination of simple and genuine ingredients. Frise salentine can be enjoyed with a variety of toppings, from the classic tomato and olive oil to more elaborate versions with fresh vegetables and local cheeses.

Frise Salentine: Calories and Nutritional Properties

For those mindful of their diet, it's interesting to know that the frisa salentina calories vary depending on the ingredients used. For example, a frisa da 500 grammi has a significant calorie content but is rich in fiber and nutrients. Frise made with wheat from Puglia are particularly nutritious and represent a healthy and tasty choice for any meal. No matter how you choose to enjoy them, frise salentine remain a symbol of conviviality and Puglian tradition.

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