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Orecchiette di semola Orecchiette di semola sale
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Semolina orecchiette

Orecchiette are one of the most representative dishes of the Apulian cuisine, these in particular simply of semolina.

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The right balance between sweet and savory designed to give the right emphasis to flavors of the past, which are back as protagonists at any time of the year.

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Christmas basket Give APULIA

All the best of what the region has to offer in terms of food and wine and craftsmanship in a gift box of surprising variety. Password: amaze!

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Many Apulian classics, with a touch of character and a moment of sweetness. That's why jam and almond dried figs could not be missing. Only for demanding palates.

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Small package for typical products

It's a small box that you can use to add the products you want. We provide this boxes to give you the choice of what to insert. We recommend that you enter a similar type of product like the one you see in the picture. a maximum of 6 products.

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"Survival Kit" box set from Puglia

A small but precious "survival kit" for the lover of Puglia doc. An excellent wine, a fine extra virgin olive oil, fragrant friselline and irresistible filleted aubergines: a treasure chest of goodness to give.

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To the Apulian classics we have added some delicious almond dried figs, for a sweet break in full local style. For those who cannot help but conclude their meals with a sweet "cuddle".

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Many Apulian classics, with a touch of character and a great desire for health. An excellent Negroamaro wine and a bottle of the best artisanal tomato sauce could not be missing.

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Traditional Puglia

In this box we have collected the tradition of orecchiette with turnip tops and sweet products to taste, pittedde, sweet taralli, fig jam and a package of classic taralli. We paired an excellent wine, the Salice Salentino DOP which makes the difference.

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Gift box signed Laterradipuglia

Our gift box is shipped as shown in the photo. Generally this product is used to package a gift together with the products of your choice. The recipient will receive a box as pictured with your products.

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Handmade Classic Taralli

These taralli are one of the symbols of the bakery art of south Italy and Apulia in particular. Absolutely perfect!

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Maritati di grano Maritati di grano sale
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Maritati of wheat

Maritati are the perfect combination of orecchiette and macaroni, they are a typical pasta shape characteristic of Puglia.

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Small onion taralli

The onion tarallini are special because they pamper and stimulate the palate with a pleasant and aromatic Apulian onion flavor. How tasty!

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Orecchiette al grano arso Orecchiette al grano arso sale
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Barley Orecchiette

Orecchiette are one of the most representative dishes of Apulian cuisine, these in particular with barley, mixed with durum and whole wheat semolina.

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Spaghettoni di semola Spaghettoni di semola sale
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Bronze-drawn semolina spaghetti

Bronze drawn semolina spaghetti, an excellent quality of semolina combined with the classic Italian pasta format.

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