Taralli with fennel seeds

Taralli with fennel seeds

The taralli with fennel seeds represent the quintessence of the Apulian tradition. The flavor of fennel seeds is an aromatic, country, fresh, deliciously pleasant flavor. By tasting these Apulian taralli and perhaps closing your eyes, you will immediately feel in Puglia. Lying amiably in the sun in a wonderful field of olive trees, where the red and ripe earth also unknowingly hosts a myriad of wild and edible herbs that we love to collect and offer here and there in the products that we think of for you every day.


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GMO Free
Handmade product
300 gr
Contains sulfites
TYPE 0 and 00 WHEAT FLOUR, white WINE, high oleic sunflower oil, 6% extra virgin olive oil, 0.5% fennel, salt.
Short production line / 0 Km
Laterradipuglia Taralli

What are fennel seeds

Each plant has its fruits: fennel seeds are precisely the fruits of a wild and spontaneous plant that has grown along the coasts of the regions facing the Mediterranean Sea since time immemorial. Just think, even the ancients were passionate about fennel seeds, which they used in the kitchen but also to prepare herbal teas and decoctions. Already in ancient times, in fact, it was understood that fennel seeds had the ability to facilitate digestion and relieve any sensations of swelling or burning. And in fact it is like this: despite being very small, these wonderful seeds that La Terra di Puglia collects for you among the Mediterranean scrub that grows spontaneously close to our enchanting blue sea, are also capable of making us feel good. So, what's better than a product that satisfies the palate and the need for well-being at the same time?

Taralli with fennel seeds La Terra di Puglia: we like them because....

La Terra di Puglia fennel seed taralli are truly something special. As soon as you open the package of your taralli, you will already realize it by simply using your sense of smell. How is it possible that tiny fennel seeds are able to give taralli such a green, fresh, fragrant, country, marine and Mediterranean aroma? Well, this happens because La Terra di Puglia does not use synthetic aromas but actually goes in search of the local and authentic raw material for you. Taste after taste, we take our customers for a walk in the countryside or on the seafront of our enchanting land of Puglia. Here is revealed the secret of the success of our products: authenticity, honesty, Apulian character. Seeing is believing!

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