Multigrain taralli

Multigrain taralli

Mixed cereals always manage to give flavor and character to any type of dish and preparation, both sweet and savory, and are essential for human nutrition. For these reasons, many companies do not hesitate to introduce in their catalog some proposals based on mixed cereals ready to meet the needs of those who love to introduce healthy foods, prepared with local, safe, often organic raw materials, with the aim of taking care of their health and well-being. The Apulian multigrain taralli represent the answer that La Terra di Puglia gives to this type of need. Try these tarallini too: they are very tasty and rich in fibre, perfect for you who want tasty baked products that also take care of your health.


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Laterradipuglia Taralli

Multigrain for your well-being and all-round health

Multigrain-based flours are very interesting as they combine under a common denominator - that of flour - all the nutritional properties and all the benefits of different types of cereals. Naturally, developing a mix of flours deriving from different cereals is not easy at all. It requires study of the individual raw materials, their selection, different processes, and finally it is possible to fine-tune your own personalized mix. So what is meant by multigrain? It is a particularly rich, tasty and nutritious flour, deriving from the grinding of various cereals, which can be, for example: barley, rye, spelt, soft wheat, oats, rice or others.

Why are multigrain flours good for you?

As anticipated, multigrain flour has the advantage of combining all the benefits of the various cereals it contains. So make way for mineral salts, vitamins and other precious ingredients for the health and well-being of our body. And that's not all: these types of flour are also particularly suitable for those who want to add an extra supply of fiber to their diet. In addition to being tasty and flavourful, multigrain taralli are also very healthy for your intestinal health. Don't forget that the gut is often referred to as the "second brain" of our body, and for good reason. Our immune system is located in the intestine and the health of the whole organism often depends on its health.

Taralli with multigrains: good, healthy and tasty. When and how to enjoy them

Multigrain taralli are a healthy and tasty idea to offer your family, children and guests a really interesting snack, aperitif or alternative to bread. Zero preservatives, zero chemical flavourings, but many good and healthy ingredients not only Made in Italy but even more Made in Puglia. A healthy and tasty food choice that is sure to meet the approval of the whole family. La Terra di Puglia multigrain taralli are perfect for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon break, at the table instead of bread, as an aperitif. The pack is also of the right size to go with you practically everywhere: at the beach, at the gym, on a trip, at work. If proposed with a good Apulian aperitif wine, they are also perfect for creating an elegant gourmet aperitif in full Apulian style.

La Terra di Puglia is your shop of typical Apulian products

If you are looking for an online shop of typical Apulian products perfect for filling your pantry with many interesting regional delicacies, you are in the right place. On the pages of this shop you will find the best Apulian tomato puree, the famous Apulian oil of different cultivars and types (also organic, with a non-refillable cap, in cans or in terracotta jars), and then again the wines (including some award-winning Salento), baked goods (frise and friselline, tarallini and more), fresh pasta in traditional formats, dairy products and much more. A few clicks and your package will be at your door in one or two days, secure payments and a customer service that is always active and at your disposal. You just have to try these multigrain taralli, perhaps with a good Apulian oil or with a wine from Salento!

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